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After losing it at the party, Cook is up on a charge of GBH but insists on pleading not guilty, much to the frustration of his world-weary lawyer Duncan. He's granted bail but given an electronic tagging order and a curfew that means he has to stay with his mother Ruth in her imposing mansion. At the house, he's reunited with his younger half-brother Paddy, whose nihilistic attitude and run-in with the police force Cook to aknowledge that the example he's set is not so funny anymore. When Cook swaggers into college, he's expelled on the spot for his brush with the law, and he's further humiliated by the intimacy he witnesses between Freddie and Effy. Effy comes to visit Cook in the Young Offenders Institution the day before the trial to reveal her true feelings: but is it Freddie or Cook that she really loves?


Freya Mavor
as Mini McGuinness
Sean Teale
as Nick Levan

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