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E4's award-winning drama burns into a sixth series. The gang are on holiday in Morocco. The villa may be half finished, in the middle of nowhere and without running water, but they've found a load of weed under the floorboards so they don't care. That night Alo's party-tracking skills are put to use and they join the party at a flash nearby villa owned by Luke. It's an amazing party with the best music, drink and drugs flowing. Franky, unhappy in her relationship with Matty, finds herself drawn to Luke. The following day, Luke and his mate Jake pay the gang a visit. They're in Morocco on business, and have been stashing their weed in the gang's villa. Luke forgives the gang for smoking it, but tells them he needs the rest back and invites them to a beach party.While everyone parties away on the beach, Luke and Jake make their move. Matty and Franky are drawn into a situation beyond their control which will have repercussions for all of them..

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