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As the gladiators prep for an important competition that will be the highlight of a festival, Spartacus cleverly maneuvers to secure the right to battle Crixus, the unbeaten champion of Capua, in the main event. Despite Lucretia's objections, Batiatus reminds her that Spartacus' bravery and previous exploits have "struck a chord with the public's interest." Meanwhile, Crixus is desired by a number of noblewomen, but he is enamored of one of Lucretia's slaves.


Andy Whitfield
as Spartacus
Ian McIntyre
as Spartacus
Lucy Lawless
as Lucretia
John Hannah
as Batiatus
Peter Mensah
as Oenomaus
Viva Bianca
as Ilithyia
Eka Darville
as Pietros
John Bach
as Magistrate Calavius
Greg Ward
as Erebus
Sam Shore
as Gambler
John Way
as Capuan Man
Liam McIntyre
as Spartacus
Dustin Clare
as Gannicus
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