The Hungry and the Hunted


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Jeremy (Joshua Malina), Sports Night's new analyst, learns from Isaac (Robert Guillaume) and Dana (Felicity Huffman) that he has gotten "the call," which would be even more impressive to the newcomer if only someone would explain what that means. When given further details, Jeremy learns that "the call" is his first on-site production assignment -- which in this case is preparing two hunting reports for the outdoors segment of the show. As Jeremy heads out to the Adirondacks for an assignment he's not terribly excited about, his secret admirer Natalie (Sabrina Lloyd) sets about on her quest to get Dana and Casey (Peter Krause) to fall in love. Her opportunity arises when the network's CEO throws a black-tie affair and demands all Sports Night staff attend the event. Natalie's plan seems to come to at least partial fruition when Casey sees Dana in her party gown and becomes smitten -- which later turns to jealousy when he learns that the man she spent a lot of time with at the party was her date.


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Here's hoping this is the first and last time we viewers get goosed so unpleasantly, because my response is resentment times two.

Nov 4, 2015 | Rating: C+ | Full Review…
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