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Still reeling from learning that Dana (Felicity Huffman) is in the midst of a relationship, Casey (Peter Krause) begins to exhibit bizarre behavior not dissimilar from that of a lovesick schoolboy -- which includes kicking fire hydrants, hiding from Dana, and dodging large flies only he seems able to see. Dan (Josh Charles) -- who is forced to endure Casey's Dana obsession with no small amount of disdain -- gets a summons to the Business Affairs department and learns his recent on-air serenading of Casey with the "Happy Birthday" song will cost the network 1,000 dollars in royalty fees to whomever holds the copyright to the song. Now totally obsessed with the notion of a fly attacking him, Casey examines a tape of the show he claims he was attacked on to prove he's not imagining the insect -- but comes away without finding it and begins to suspect he may be cracking up. Dana, in the meantime, has become aware of Casey's obsession via Natalie (Sabrina Lloyd) and Dan, while her plans for a skiing getaway with her boyfriend Gordon (Ted McGinley) seem to have pushed Casey over the edge, prompting him to confront her.


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Damned if Sorkin doesn't show us right off the bat that we'd better pay attention, especially when we're most certain that we know how these things go.

Nov 4, 2015 | Rating: A- | Full Review…
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