The Head Coach, Dinner and the Morning Mail


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Having decided to press charges against football superstar Christian Patrick for sexual abuse during preparations for an interview, Natalie (Sabrina Lloyd) now has to endure the wrath of the troglodyte sportsman's fans that are now bombarding her with hate mail and much worse. As a result, her work on Sports Night has been scattershot at best, which prompts Dana (Felicity Huffman) and the rest of the Sports Night crew to try to cover for her during this rough period. Jeremy (Joshua Malina) also lends Natalie a hand in his own inimitably neurotic way by snooping through her e-mail so as to shield her from some of the more egregious correspondences. Dana suggests he focus his attentions elsewhere, like taking her out to dinner since she has an enormous crush on him anyway. Previously unaware of Natalie's interest in him, Jeremy decides to do just that and sets out to find the perfect restaurant. Still smoldering over Dana's romantic relationship with Gordon (Ted McGinley), Casey (Peter Krause) channels his frustration into on-air rants about his alma mater's head football coach -- but he has a change of heart after having an unexpected informal discussion on the matter with Gordon.


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Where "Mary Pat Shelby" shows people being given a wide berth to deal with stress, conflict, and difficult decisions in their own way, "The Head Coach" illustrates how useful opening one's eyes to others can be in those same fraught moments.

Nov 4, 2015 | Rating: A- | Full Review…
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