Shoe Money Tonight


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Looking forward to a gambling trip in Atlantic City upon the completion of their work day, Casey (Peter Krause) and Dan's (Josh Charles) plans are squashed when they are forced to substitute for the co-anchors of the early morning wrap-up show who are snowed in at the Pittsburgh airport. With a bit of time to kill before the 2 a.m. show, they decide to start an impromptu poker game to pass the time. Dana (Felicity Huffman) and Isaac (Robert Guillaume) join the game after briefly discussing Isaac's notion that he may be shrinking due to age and osteoporosis. Natalie (Sabrina Lloyd) challenges Jeremy (Joshua Malina) into the game as part of their ongoing feud regarding Jeremy's recent choice of playing tennis with an old friend -- who happens to be a famous and beautiful actress -- rather than spending time with her. Unfortunately for Natalie, she proves to be horrible at poker -- which makes her even more angry with Jeremy, whom she also accuses of being a Mr. Know-It-All. While in the midst of the game, Dana has a brief discussion with the 2 a.m. show's producer Sally (Brenda Strong) and learns that Casey had approved the show's rundown without scrutinizing every last detail -- which miffs Dana and aggravates the jealousy and rivalry she has with Sally. Confronting Casey on the issue, Dana proceeds to inform him of the several problems in store for him with the 2 a.m. show because of his negligence, while Jeremy starts getting angry over Natalie's obsessive need for vindication and revenge that has elevated the argument to another level -- much to the ire of the rest of the staff who are forced to listen to the bickering.


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"Shoe Money Tonight" is the flip side of [Sorkin's] talent... the audience's involvement is in the pure delight of spending time around these characters, watching them interact, listening to them talk.

Nov 4, 2015 | Rating: A | Full Review…
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