Special Powers


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Sports Night's second season begins with Dana (Felicity Huffman) fending off multiple suggestions for the show's lead story: one from Jeremy (Joshua Malina) about a Chinese swimmer attempting to cross the Taiwan Strait, one from Casey (Peter Krause) about the Jets game, and one from Natalie (Sabrina Lloyd) regarding a pitcher's attempt at the league's strikeout record. As they lobby for their respective stories, Jeremy and Natalie are engaged in another argument regarding Natalie's job offer for an on-air position at a Texas station and her perception of Jeremy's jealousy about her getting the offer. As Dana holds to her plan for the lead story, the show begins with a disastrous lead-in due to all the confusion. While in commercial break, Dana heads to Isaac's (Robert Guillaume) office to apologize, only to learn that the show hasn't actually begun due to a delay in another program. Concerned that Isaac forgot to tell her this important fact, she returns to the set and informs the crew of the development via a little prank at Casey's expense. Dan (Josh Charles), in the meantime, has been trying to convince Casey to ask Dana out, now that she is newly single. Casey very much wants to do just that, but is concerned about the timing being right.


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In "Special Powers," after Casey kisses Dana and then returns to the anchor desk, the smile on his face has such blinding wattage that it's impossible not to feel as giddy.

Nov 4, 2015 | Full Review…
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