Louise Revisited


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A popularity poll has been posted on the Sports Night website asking viewers who they think is more cool, Casey (Peter Krause) or Dan (Josh Charles). After checking in on the current figures, Dan accuses Casey of somehow cheating and lying about not caring about the vote's outcome. Denying the accusations, Casey then leaves their office and recruits Jeremy (Joshua Malina) into assisting him with cheating on the poll -- which he was guilty of doing all along -- by writing a program that will enter votes by the thousands. While working on the program for Casey, Jeremy discovers Natalie's (Sabrina Lloyd) half-finished letter to Jeremy's sister Louise and gets a little freaked out. Meanwhile, Dana (Felicity Huffman) reschedules the 8:00 rundown meeting to 7:30 because of a dinner engagement with an old friend, which irritates Casey since he's still in the middle of the six-month delay of his first date with Dana -- which she herself instituted. While at dinner, Dana removes her underwear from under her dress in a moment of boredom and tells Natalie about it when she returns to the studio. Natalie tells Casey the bizarre tale and Casey becomes a little jealous and quite obsessed with the thought -- so much so that he messes up his next few segments on air, prompting yet another confrontation between Casey and Dana.


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It's a bit of a letdown to move from the classic Sorkinalia of "Cliff Gardner" to the muddle of "Louise Revisited."

Nov 4, 2015 | Full Review…
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