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While out for a drink, Dan (Josh Charles) strikes up a lively conversation with a woman named Abby Jacobs (Jayne Brook) who gives him her card before they part. Dan tells Casey (Peter Krause) about her the following day and shows him her card. Pointing out to Dan that Abby is a psychiatrist, Casey asks if he's called her to set up a date or an appointment, leaving Dan in a bit of confusion as he rethinks the scenario. Jeremy (Joshua Malina) announces that he has fixed the Y2K bug and suggests that a test be run to prove it. Skeptical of Jeremy's "fix," Dana (Felicity Huffman) concedes to the test, which goes horribly wrong and leaves the studio without power. Dana starts moving the show upstairs to an inferior studio as Jeremy scrambles to bring the studio back online. Later, Dan meets Abby at her office and proceeds to inadvertently have a session with her. Back in the studio, Jeremy learns that some of the control boards had been rewired earlier and were left unlabeled, thereby absolving him of guilt and responsibility for the blackout. Power is restored with minutes to spare before the show goes live.


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Dan's careful attempt to preview his new introspective demeanor so Casey won't reject him ("There may be periods of time in the conversation when I don't say anything funny") is touching on multiple levels.

Nov 4, 2015 | Full Review…
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