The Giants Win the Pennant


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Casey (Peter Krause) has quickly worked his way through a string of dates -- per Dana's (Felicity Huffman) request -- and while out on his eighth, he runs into date number one, Pixley Robinson (Megan Ward). Having been somewhat smitten with her since their sole aborted date, Casey approaches her and asks for her phone number -- which she refuses to give him, instead asking for his. Back in the studio, Jeremy (Joshua Malina) informs Dan (Josh Charles) that Isaac (Robert Guillaume) was present at the legendary 1951 Giants/Dodgers playoff game that started Dan's love affair with sports. Inspired to do a segment about the game featuring an interview with Isaac, Dan approaches the elder newsman only to get the idea shot down. As Dan sets out to figure out why Isaac is so insistent, word gets back to Dana about Casey giving Pixley his phone number, forcing Dana to realize her dating plan for Casey was a major mistake.


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Powerful stuff, and beautifully connected to the business of making a television show about sports, as well as to the personal histories of the people who ended up here making this particular show about sports.

Nov 4, 2015 | Full Review…
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