Emissary (Episode 1)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 1

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine began its seven-season run with this two hour episode. The episode harked back to the classic 1990 Next Generation season-ender "Best of Both Worlds," wherein the insidious Borg took over the mind and shape of Captain Jean-Luc Picard to launch an attack on the Federation. Three years later, Benjamin Sisko, survivor of the Borg attack, is assigned as commander of Deep Space Nine, a run-down former Cardassian space station in Bajoran territory. Sisko's first assignment is to oversee repairs of Deep Space Nine, but as the story progresses, he finds that he has been predestined to repair the tattered remnants of Bajor's ruined economy. Patrick Stewart guest stars in his familiar role of Captain Picard, who the embittered Sisko holds responsible for his own wife's death. Written by Rick Berman and Michael Piller, "Emissary" was originally telecast on January 2, 1993.


Avery Brooks
as Commander Sisko
Alexander Siddig
as Dr. Bashir
Terry Farrell
as Jadzia Dax
Colm Meaney
as Miles O'Brien
Felecia Bell
as Jennifer
Joel Sweto
as Gul Jasad
Stephen Davies
as Tactical Officer
Max Grodénchik
as Ferengi Pit Boss
Lily Mariye
as Ops Officer
April Grace
as Transporter Chief
Kevin McDermott
as Alien Batter
Parker Whitman
as Cardassian Officer
Megan Butler
as Lieutenant
Stephen Rowe
as Chanting Monk
Thomas Hobson
as Young Jake
Gene Armor
as Bajoran Bureaucrat
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