Star Trek: Picard: Season 1 (2020)

Season 1
Star Trek: Picard

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Anchored by the incomparable Patrick Stewart, Picard departs from standard Starfleet protocol with a slower, serialized story, but like all great Star Trek it tackles timely themes with grace and makes for an exciting push further into the final frontier.



Critic Ratings: 60


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User Ratings: 1331
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    Oof, that was Rotten.

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Air date: Jan 23, 2020
Air date: Jan 30, 2020
Air date: Feb 6, 2020
Air date: Feb 13, 2020
Air date: Feb 20, 2020
Air date: Feb 27, 2020
Air date: Mar 5, 2020
Air date: Mar 12, 2020
Air date: Mar 19, 2020
Air date: Mar 26, 2020

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Critic Reviews for Star Trek: Picard Season 1

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[Stewart] has a unique ability to dial into his roles without completely disappearing, carrying the audience's earned investment from role to role, whether he's suffering through an awkward trip to the toilet or sipping tea among the stars.

Jan 23, 2020 | Rating: B | Full Review…
Top Critic

Rather than boldly go into the depths of space, Picard is far more interested in exploring the depths of its famous leader. In doing so, the series more than justifies its existence in today's nostalgia-driven era.

Jan 23, 2020 | Full Review…
Top Critic

Smart, well-crafted, layered - verging on over-layered.

Jan 23, 2020 | Rating: 3/4 | Full Review…
Top Critic

Picard is Trek through and through, full of thorny ethical quandaries, social allegories, sinister admirals, and an undercurrent of optimism in spite of it all.

Jan 24, 2020 | Full Review…

Star Trek: Picard is Star Trek, so there's a rulebook on the table; but it's wonderfully unpredictable, turning what historically risked looking like a packaged theme park ride into a properly thrilling narrative rollercoaster.

Feb 7, 2020 | Full Review…

Sir Patrick Stewart delivers the best thing I've ever seen in the world of Star Trek. 'Star Trek: Picard' is flawless.

Feb 7, 2020 | Rating: 10/10 | Full Review…

It feels like a vast universe even if we're only seeing one corner of it... like those old stories of wonder and discovery. It feels like a show about what it means to be human, and how kindness and generosity of spirit are at the root of those answers.

Jan 28, 2020 | Full Review…

Patrick Stewart could make reading the phone book out loud compelling - but the phone book has the advantage of moving naturally from A, to B, to C. 'Remembrance' is leaning on its classically trained frontman just as much, but lacks the clarity.

Jan 31, 2020 | Rating: 5.5/10 | Full Review…

No matter the warp speed setting that a streaming platform like Amazon Prime puts on the budget and feel of Picard, the reality looks like a show that finds it hard to escape the gravitational pull of its past.

Jan 30, 2020 | Full Review…

'Star Trek: Picard' is a series that takes time to start, and that once it does, it's not 100% convincing to continue further. [Full review in Spanish]

Jan 29, 2020 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

Picard brings the unpredictable to a series that has relied on happy endings for so long; we have grown up now, and we are able to see more of this universe, both good and bad.

Feb 15, 2020 | Full Review…

Our hero may be getting on a bit... but as long as Picard remains pissed off I'll remain engaged. I only hope the writers make it so.

Feb 3, 2020 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Star Trek: Picard: Season 1

  • 3h ago
    Completely agree with the Rotten Tomatoes consensus. This series departs from TNG in ways that mirror the current state of the world. Very timely.
  • 4h ago
    Three episodes in and I already hate it. This bitter Picard hurts my inner Trek. What happened to the Prime Directive Loving Picard? He would have let non-Federation planets die in the past but now he throws away everything because of Romulans???
  • 6h ago
    Its like there are 7 different creative executives that are in charge of this show after sidelining one after the other to make this work as a generic sci-fi show designed for the cw's dc-verse, like dc ip was there model for the show, and that there was by degree's of separation the formulae for this forced to tv show that was under pressure to be made, as a flagship for a saturated platform of known ip. Patrick Stewart likely got roped in, considering his length of service to Star Trek, its something i imagine impossible to not want to do again, considering the Star Trek family. But he should of said no. Not in this primitive form, it wasnt written. It was a feeling and a whim. But I can forgive Stewart for that, as an actor playing Picard's story it should of been billed as a mirror universe, a disco-verse. And never pull a technically prime because its prime to disco. Trick. The other creatives must of wanted Picard to be as close to disco production, and furthermost from Traditional Star Trek especially Rick Berman. I imagine that must of been a rebellion they wanted to have done. Alex Kurtzman being lead in the aftermath of Bryan Fuller blowback collateral damage of Fuller's personal misadventure. Which makes sense for Kurtzman mocking of the Clarice story, which i imagine is an allegory for whats going on overall, and is thus just a way to navigate out of the franchise contractually, this must be again damage control. Michael Chabon must be trying to insert some Star Trek references in a desperate attempt to undo the misadventure. Akiva Goldman is likely the one most responsibility poor writing. 'Transformers: The Last Knight' ahem. Kirsten Beyer likely just the woke movement part of cbs. If only this show happened in 2022 after the contractual franchise with secret hideout ended. This would of been the best case. Sadly Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes and the Star Trek family maybe have gotten impatient and maybe even greedy at the expense of the fans. Long gone are the days of Star Trek. Optimistically though if they can get past the huge damage this has done, and get a executive creative lead with talent that has a strong vision for Star Trek, we can have our Next Generation back again before its lost all its fans. None of thus are getting any younger.
  • 7h ago
    Picard is back ! With my love of The next generation it's definitely carrying over to Star Trek Picard. Visually amazing 😉 Love the storyline and seeing all the old characters back on screen ! Truly one of the best surprises on tv in ages for me ! I just hope this show stays for as long as possible ! Must see for all fans of Star Trek! Common it's PICARD !💪💪
  • 8h ago
    Not your father's Star Trek. Keeps the cast interesting and neat, actually gives them a backstory and a reason for being there (not just copied and pasted into the same roles on a new ship), doesn't just bam into existence and actually has some good little mysteries going on. Production values are through the roof and aside a few teething issues, it's all very good telly. Some nice nods to established Star Trek lore. It's good to be back in the universe. Thank you cast and team!
  • 14h ago
    Too busy virtue signaling to bother telling a good story. I was actually looking forward to this show but after four episodes I decided I've had enough. What a missed opportunity!
  • 19h ago
    All I have to say.......JLP enough said
  • 20h ago
    The biggest issue I currently have is the first 4 episodes could have easily been 2 episodes. It's frustrating since there's only 10 episodes this season.
  • 1d ago
    Don't expect much from the writers of Star Trek: Discovery, a show that cares not for continuity nor quality. This is Star Trek as written by and for people who have never had an interest in Star Trek, which is baffling considering the shoehorned easter eggs. Picard spends the show being constantly emasculated by the women around him; from the Mary Sue female protagonist who is basically River from Firefly minus any personality, to the incredibly annoying 'bestie' who has never been seen before this show that vapes and calls him 'JL' every third sentence. With ideas taken from every other popular sci fi franchise, writing that's painfully dumb, riddled with plot holes and completely neglects any sort of pre-established world building from the franchise it's trying to milk, to a ridiculously slow pace and tired tropes ahoy. This is Star Trek for the Fast & Furious fans.
  • 2d ago
    Gefällt mir gut! Mal ne ganz andere Art von Star Trek...

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