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Starsky & Hutch

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A popular variation on Butch and Sundance, with two plainclothes cops on the prowl for bad guys with help from their streetwise informant, Huggy Bear. The stars' banter and chemistry were the show's chief appeal, backed by action-packed car-chase scenes that made red-and-white Ford Torinos all the rage. A 2004 big-screen version starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson got the music, fashion and sensibilities of the '70s just about right.

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1978, ABC, 22 episodes

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1977, ABC, 23 episodes

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1976, ABC, 25 episodes

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1975, ABC, 22 episodes


Paul Michael Glaser
as Det. Dave Starsky
David Soul
as Det. Ken `Hutch' Hutchinson
Bernie Hamilton
as Capt. Harold Dobey
Antonio Fargas
as Huggy Bear
Paul Picerni
as Patsy Cairo
Allan Miller
as Joe Collandra
Bert Remsen
as Thomas May
James Keach
as Wrightwood
Charles Cyphers
as Arthur Cole
John P. Ryan
as Frank Malone
Joey Forman
as Freddie
John Korkes
as Terry Nash
Robert Loggia
as Ben Forest
Hilary Thompson
as Allison May
Janet Margolin
as Dr. Kaufman
Ron Moody
as Stafford
Roz Kelly
as Iris Thayer
Peter D. MacLean
as Matt Coyle
Carl Betz
as Father Ignatius
Michael Baseleon
as Hector Salidas
Mark Gordon
as Carelli
Leon Charles
as Dr. Matwick
Brit Lind
as Marie
Ed Walsh
as Wilbur
Art Hindle
as John Colby
Jenny O'Hara
as Marianne Owens
Linda Kelsey
as Ellie Cole
John Quade
as Humphries
Ralph Nelson
as Dr. Green
Ray Walston
as Tommy Reese
John O'Leary
as Steinmetz
Wynn Irwin
as Al Taft
Emily Yancy
as Foxy Baker
Biff McGuire
as Sterling
Lynn Hamilton
as Edith Dobey
Hilda Haynes
as And Eunice
Paul Pepper
as Bigalow
Meeno Peluce
as Guy Mayer
Michael V. Gazzo
as Joe Durniak
John Saxon
as Rene Nadasy
John Herzfeld
as Nick Starsky
Chuck McCann
as Wally Stone
Cliff Emmich
as `Moo-Moo'
Joel Fabiani
as Alexander Drew
Don Gordon
as Alec Corday
Malachi Throne
as Nick Finch
Sally Kirkland
as Greta/Dora
Kipp Whitman
as Simmons
Tom Clancy
as Sonny McPherson
Paul Lukather
as Max Frost
John Carradine
as Professor
Susan Tyrrell
as Annie Oates
Graham Jarvis
as Basil Monk
Joseph Reale
as Lenny Biggs
Ted Neeley
as Lionel Rigger
Lane Allen
as Thorne
William McKinney
as Johnny Bagley
Lindsay Bloom
as Jane Stewart
Gregory Rozakis
as Nick Hunter
Linda Dano
as Janet Mayer
Ric Mancini
as Johnny Lonigan
Liam Sullivan
as Chambers
Arthur Fleming
as John Blaine
Michael Lane
as Eddie Mayer
Lili Valenty
as Mrs. Greene
Sean Griffin
as Jonathan Welles
Shannon Wilcox
as Laura Lonigan
Cliff Osmond
as Harry Wheeling
Gary Epper
as Hanson
Audrey Meadows
as Hilda Zuckerman
Adrian Zmed
as Marty Decker
Richard Ward
as J.T. Washington
Mary Crosby
as Leslie Slate
Richard Karron
as Hammerlock
George Janek
as Bobby Marsh
Tom Ligon
as Young Man
Kaz Garas
as Carlyle
Stanley Grover
as Frank Weldon
Jeff Goldblum
as Harry Markham
Diane Kay
as Joanna Haymes
Dorothy Meyer
as Mrs. Walters
Carl Anderson (II)
as Marsellus Cobb
Mike Kellin
as Al Grossman
Melendy Britt
as Janice Drew
Carole Mallory
as Madelaine
Angela May
as Ginger
Dee Wallace
as Carol Wade
Tom Tarpey
as Harding
Richard Davalos
as Orrin Lawford
Ruth Stone
as Toni Lamond
Juli Andelman
as Lori Prescott
Beverly Hart
as Jenny Brown
Ann Foster
as Abigail
Danny DeVito
as John the Apple
Richard Foronjy
as Harry Blower
Nancy McKeon
as Vikki Mayer
Sy Kramer
as Palmer
Bunny Summers
as Mrs. Anderson
John Horn
as Peter
Paula Sills
as Suzette
Dan Vadis
as Cardwell
Dave Shelley
as Lee Bristol
Laurel Adams
as Lillian
Frank Marth
as Dr. Meredith
William Prince
as James Gunther
Pearl Shear
as Bernice
Marianne Bunch
as Barbara Wilson
R.G. Armstrong
as Dad Watson
Troas Hayes
as Mardean
Dorothy Shay
as Mrs. Dodsman
Anne Ramsey
as Gertrude
Tresa Hughes
as Mrs. Harcourt
Ann Prentiss
as Mrs. Carston
Greg Elliot
as Shannon
Michael Thoma
as Harcourt
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TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Sep 10, 1975
Genre: Action & Adventure
Executive Producers: Leonard J. Goldberg, Aaron Spelling
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