The Young and the Headless


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Hook and Mrs. Druse begin to uncover horrifying things in Kingdom Hospital's past after they make contact with Mary and Paul. Meanwhile, Traff's attempt at a prank on sleep psychologist Lona Massingale (Sherry Miller) doesn't go as planned.


Andrew McCarthy
as Dr. Hook
Diane Ladd
as Sally Druse
Bruce Davison
as Dr. Stegman
Ed Begley Jr.
as Dr. Jesse James
Jack Coleman
as Peter Rickman
Suki Kaiser
as Natalie Rickman
Meagen Fay
as Brenda Abelson
Del Pentecost
as Bobby Druse
Jamie Harrold
as Elmer Traff
Allison Hossack
as Dr. Christine Draper
Sherry Miller
as Lona Massingale
Janet Wright
as Liz Hinton
William Wise
as Dr. Louis Traff
Lena Georgas
as Carrie Von Trier
William B. Davis
as Bertram Swinton
Beverley Elliott
as Brick Bannerman
Bill Meilen
as Dr. Egas Gottreich
Sheila Paterson
as Old Woman
Paul Perri
as Frank Schweigen
Gerard Plunkett
as Richard Schwartzton
David Quinlan
as ICU Technician
Zak Santiago
as Dr. Sonny Gupta
Alan Scarfe
as Henry Havens
John Shaw
as Dr. Harold Kelp
Jim Shield
as Rolf Pederson
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