Dog & Pony


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Needing money quickly, the guys go bounty hunting. Their target: an armed robber named Montell Gobright (Matthew Willig), who turns out to be a bigger fish than they thought he would be.


Donal Logue
as Hank Dolworth
Michael Raymond-James
as Britt Pollack
Laura Allen
as Katie
Kimberly Quinn
as Gretchen
Jamie Denbo
as Maggie Lefferts
Rockmond Dunbar
as Det. Mark Gustafson
Nate Mooney
as Bradley Denham
Matthew Willig
as Montell Gobright
Mirelly Taylor
as Asst. DA Lauren Rivera
Craig Susser
as Reynolds
Alex Berg
as Blodgett
David Grant Wright
as Bertram Lonner
Monique Fleming
as Bradley's Wife
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