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  • Oct 22, 2017
    This show has just continued to stay funny even after these fantastic 8 seasons.
  • Jul 09, 2017
    This goes to show that even after this much time on the air, The Middle remains to be intriguing, fresh, and witty. The characters have developed positively, however have not lost their spark that made the series enjoyable in the first place. The Middle is a strong and consistent comedy, and probably deserves a lot more recognition than it receives.
  • Mar 20, 2017
    My family and I love this show! The family is so relatable and the cast couldnt go better together. This is a must watch show every week!
  • Mar 01, 2017
    love, this show, its our family's favorite. please bring back a season 9
  • Feb 22, 2017
    The Middle was never a super hit for never topped the charts like Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory but it always seems to deliver at least a few hearty laughs each week. The cast has always been top notch yet ignored mostly by Emmy voters.... Yet this show continues to chug along each year on ABC currently renewed for a 9th season come this September..... It is definitely an above average sitcom. What is special about this season is that the characters, who critics could say were one dimensional, are finally morphing into well rounded humans.... Especially Sue the Heck daughter. Sue is starting to see life as it really is..... she is shedding the Pollyanna ideals - yet slowly.... Sue is finally thinking outside of the box without help from others.... Brick the youngest son who has always been "strange" is starting to come into his own. Where as his family was always there to protect him and make excuses, Brick is finally emerging as "this is me and I do not care if you like me or if it makes me popular" .... He is accepting his "oddness" and others will too. Eldest son Axel has finally also realized Mom and Dad will not be there to clean up my messes anymore... A recent episode where he realizes he is graduating and needs a REAL JOB if he ever wants to achieve success or happiness hit him like a ton of bricks.... As the kids age and mature with dating and learning how to be adults the parents Frankie and Mike are left to deal with their children growing up as well with the impending "empty nest syndrome" ... A recent episode featured a baby and it appeared the writers were setting us up for a late in life pregnancy for Frankie-However in my opionion that would be the "jump the shark" moment.... the fact that Frankie and Mike thought it would be nice to once again have a baby around we think they realized that waiting a few more years to have grand children may be the most practical response..... Overall I will say kudos to this cast ....not many family sitcoms last this long. Even Roseanne stumbled in its last few seasons as cast left the show or we were delivered crazy story lines....The Middle is a gem and congratulations on an early Season 9 renewal....

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