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A conflicted New Jersey crime boss seeks therapy to cope with mob and family pressures in this addictive, stunningly original drama, which can be chillingly violent, wrenchingly moving or darkly funny. Well deserving of its many Emmys and other awards, this HBO masterwork created by Garden State native David Chase has become Sunday-night appointment viewing, with passionate fans mostly carping about waiting ridiculously long stretches (more than a year) for new seasons of original episodes.

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Critics Consensus: America's first crime family bows out in a chilling cut to black during a meditative final season that is debatably cruel to audience expectations but wholly committed to its thematic integrity.

2007, HBO, 9 episodes

Critics Consensus: The Sopranos' final season craftily builds to its anticipated climax with more of the dark humor and heartfelt characterizations that made it one of television's strongest series.

2006, HBO, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: The penultimate season of The Sopranos hurtles toward the series' climax without sacrificing the compelling stories and vibrant characters that made it an acknowledged television classic.

2004, HBO, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: The war seeps into the Sopranos household in a season of discontent, with each of these artfully rendered devils stewing in a divine comedy of their own making.

2002, HBO, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Deftly using its complex characters to delve into thorny moral quandaries, the third season of The Sopranos continues to deliver consistently compelling, albeit controversial, viewing.

2001, HBO, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: The Sopranos' strong cast and solid writing add depth to the show's occasionally unlikable characters and their repellent deeds, making for thought-provoking, consistently compelling viewing.

2000, HBO, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: The Sopranos smartly runs an emotional gamut, offering detailed character work and riveting suspense while displaying a flair for both comedy and drama.

1999, HBO, 13 episodes

Cast & Crew

James Gandolfini
Tony Soprano
Lorraine Bracco
Dr. Jennifer Melfi
Edie Falco
Carmela Soprano
Michael Imperioli
Christopher Moltisanti
Dominic Chianese
Corrado "Uncle Junior" Soprano
Tony Sirico
Paulie "Walnuts" Gualtieri
Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Meadow Soprano
Robert Iler
Anthony "A.J." Soprano
Jerry Adler
Herman "Hesh" Rabkin
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