The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (1962 - 1965)

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

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Release Date: 1962

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The classic series switched to an expanded format in 1962 as 'The Alfred Hitchcock Hour,' with the twist endings and Hitch's witty introductions intact, and memorable episodes such as the Emmy-winning 'The Jar' (written by James Bridges).

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1964, NBC, 29 episodes

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1963, NBC, 32 episodes

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1962, NBC, 32 episodes


Anne Francis
as Eve Raydon
Gena Rowlands
as Helen Martin
Phyllis Thaxter
as Cory Manson
Pat Buttram
as Charlie Hill
Steven Hill
as Charlie Osgood
Michael Wilding
as David Saunders
Edward Byrnes
as Paul Perry
Patricia Collinge
as Naomi Freshwater
Diana Hyland
as Janet Nelson
Jeremy Slate
as Tent Parker
Teresa Wright
as Marion Brown
John Larkin
as Simon Aldrich
Patricia Breslin
as Linda Mallory
Gary Merrill
as John Pemberton
David White
as Detective Burr
Don Marshall
as Off. Healy
Alice Backes
as Miss Hinchley
Juanita Moore
as Mrs. McFarland
Gail Bonney
as Elderly Woman
Diane Sayer
as Milly Musgrove
Gladys Cooper
as Mrs. Raydon
Harry Townes
as Ed Brandt
Peggy McCay
as Sally Mitchell
Claire Griswold
as Joanne Dowling
Lew Brown
as David Carson
Than Wyenn
as Dr. Burns
Ruth McDevitt
as Mrs. Fister
Barry Atwater
as Gar Newton
Linda Lawson
as Lucille
Gig Young
as Duke Marsden
David Wayne
as Andrew Anderson
Frank Silvera
as Gravedigger
Larry Blyden
as Wally Mills
Peter Falk
as Robert Evans
Tony Randall
as Hadley Purvis
Dean Jagger
as George Davies
Kim Hunter
as Adelaide Winters
Jack Cassidy
as Arthur Mannix
June Lockhart
as Martha Hunter
Brian Keith
as Jim Mallory
Hugh O'Brian
as Chris Martin
Joan Fontaine
as Alice Pemberton
Jackie Searl
as Nicky Long
Patrick O'Neal
as George Maxwell
Peter Lawford
as Ernest Mullett
Peter Fonda
as Verge Likens
Henry Jones
as Alex Morrow
Mary Scott
as Wanda Hatfield
Josie Lloyd
as Pauline
Jim Boles
as Grocer
William Sargent
as Granville
Kathryn Hays
as Cecilia
Katherine Squire
as Mrs. Fenton
Robert P. Lieb
as Bill Hunter
Dody Heath
as Sondra
Abraham Sofaer
as Dr. MacFarlane
Kelly Thordsen
as Sheriff Turnbull
Doris Lloyd
as Mrs. Gibbs
Virginia Gregg
as Miss Gibson
John Zaremba
as Richard Anderson
Charles Seel
as Doc Chalmont
Jimmy Joyce
as Fingerprint Man
Audrey Swanson
as Office Nurse
Syl Lamont
as Photographer
June Walker
as Mrs. Wales
Eve McVeagh
as Rose Cates
Harold J. Stone
as Cabdriver
Susan Oliver
as Annabel
Alf Kjellin
as Edward Volck
Natalie Trundy
as Jean Dekker
Pat Crowley
as Enid Bentley
Anne Baxter
as Janice Brandt
Madlyn Rhue
as Consuela
Felicia Farr
as Marcia Fowler
Fay Bainter
as Mary Cawfield
Hank Brandt
as Gerald Delaney
Don Chastain
as Bruce Richmond
George Pelling
as Conductor
Isobel Elsom
as Reverend Mother
Steve Gravers
as Psychiatrist
Zolya Talma
as Mrs. Bond
Elizabeth Harrower
as Mrs. Masters
Craig Duncan
as Police Officer
Clegg Hoyt
as Trucker
Howard Wendell
as General Practitioner
Rusty Lane
as Judge Martin
Bill Mumy
as Tony Mitchell
Anna Lee
as Roberta
Edmon Ryan
as Huntley
George Macready
as Hillary Prine
Leonard York
as Bill Wagner
Bob Crane
as Lessing
Jim McMullan
as George Cory
Richard Dawson
as Robert Johnson
Angela Greene
as Lucy Phillips
Stephen Roberts
as Boris Crispis
J.B. Brown
as Prison Guard
Irene Martin
as Mrs. Benson
Macdonald Carey
as John Mitchell
Bettye Ackerman
as Lorna Dickson
Celia Lovsky
as Mrs. Jatouba
Tyler McVey
as Driscoll
Alan Napier
as Mr. Hodges
Vince Williams
as 1st Hotel Clerk
Len Hendry
as Night Watchman
Will J. White
as Policeman
Andy Romano
as PAL Officer
Betty Harford
as Woman in Museum
Vincent Chase
as Hume Ray
Bryan O'Byrne
as Mr. Phelps
Henry Brandy
as Delaney
Gail Kobe
as Virginia
Richard Carlyle
as Leo Wales
Steve Dunn
as Jack Wentworth
Richard Bull
as Dr. Michaels
Valentin de Vargas
as Ricardo, Police Chief
Jesslyn Fax
as Miss McGuiness
Patrick McVey
as Lieutenant
Dick Dawson
as Johnson
Lester Matthews
as Walter Dunham
Sam Weston
as Taxi Driver
Olive Deering
as Miss Callendar
Roger C. Carmel
as Farnum Mullett
Philip Bourneuf
as Ernest Sylvester
Gene Evans
as Krutcher
Cathleen Cordell
as Mrs. Spaulding
Tom Lowell
as Dominic Felse
Sally Smith
as Marjorie
Bernie Kopell
as Movie Director
Sheila Bromley
as Mrs. Thompson
Ellen Corby
as Chief Nurse
Virginia Aldridge
as Susan Revere
Hal Bokar
as Reporter
Robert Karnes
as Police Sergeant
Rupert Crosse
as Dr. Mackey
Alice Frost
as Eda Faye Hardwicke
Frank Maxwell
as Officer Petrie
Edith Atwater
as Mrs. Benner
Sara Taft
as Sister Lydia
June Dayton
as Barbara
Harold Gould
as District Attorney
Jane Darwell
as Granny Carnation
T.C. Jones
as Nurse Betty Ames
Alan Baxter
as Mr. Baldwin
Alejandro Rey
as Juan Diaz
Joseph Mell
as Jamieson
Karl Swenson
as Sherston
Willis Bouchey
as Judge B. Neilson
Sandra Gould
as Secretary
Peter Whitney
as Bib Hadley
Naomi Stevens
as Mrs. Goldy
Pamela Curran
as Sally Wilson
Byron Keith
as Police Captain
Sara Shane
as Helen Barrow
Madge Kennedy
as Mrs. MacFarlane
Robert Bray
as Lieutenant Ames
Richard X. Slattery
as Detective Barker
Alex Montoya
as Coffin Maker
Robert H. Barrat
as Stoney Likens
Pat Renella
as Lean Man
Geraldine Wall
as Mrs. Hurley
Dee Hartford
as Felicity
Francis De Sales
as Lt. Farrell
Harry Harvey Jr.
as Mayor Sanford Brown
George Seel
as Sigafoose
Susan French
as Cleaning Woman
Ted Bessel
as Elliott Setlin
Robert Sampson
as Sgt. Duncan
Philippa Bevans
as Mrs. Anthony
Rees Vaughn
as Robbie Corey
Mimi Dillard
as Receptionist
Brenda Forbes
as Mrs. Clarvoe
Ray Kellogg
as Blacksmith
Helen Winston
as Mrs. Penny
Paul Comi
as Modeer
Joan Swift
as Miss Whiting
Lee Bergere
as Detective
Ralph Roberts
as Paul Hatfield
Richard Peel
as Sgt. Elliott
Hugh Sanders
as Policeman
Stuart Margolin
as Robin Byrd
Al Ruscio
as Dr. Taylor
King Calder
as Riverton
Harry Harvey
as Dr. Vance
Lou Byrne
as Nurse
June Gale
as Saleswoman
Frank Ferguson
as Capt. Garner
Holly Bane
as Bartender
Wilton Graff
as George Chaney
Russ Conway
as Henderson
Claude Stroud
as Edgar Ogden
John Pickard
as 1st Fireman
Thomas Bellin
as Detective
Harry Hines
as Rat Poison Salesman
Nydia Westman
as Aunt Ida Mae
Don Matheson
as Jack Pierson
Larry Thor
as Haskell
Leslie Perkins
as Lucy Jones
Harold Ayer
as Salesman
Renata Vanni
as Woman Customer
Eve Bruce
as Amazon
Nancy Hsueh
as Secretary
Jack Bernardi
as Deli Man
Terry Ann Ross
as Barbara Mallory
Ollie O'Toole
as 2nd Hotel Clerk
William Bramley
as Fred Starcher
Bart Burns
as Summers
Clancy Cooper
as Police Lieutenant
Bill Phipps
as Bartender
William Fawcett
as Junk Collector
Read Morgan
as Freddie
George Gaynes
as Mr. Campbell
Curt Conway
as Dr. Burton
William Remick
as Jury Foreman
Elizabeth Thompson
as Student's Girlfriend
Clarke Gordon
as Dr. Miller
Bob Carson
as Mulloy
John Banner
as Dutch Customs Man
Renee Godfrey
as Hartman's Secretary
Kathleen O'Malley
as Valerie Anderson
Suzanne Barnes
as 3rd Woman
Martin Garralaga
as Mexican Priest
Ann Morgan Guilbert
as Pet Shop Owner
Bill Zuckert
as Raphael
Mike Mahoney
as Elevator Boy
Cosmo Sardo
as Croupier
Frank Albertson
as Tom Batterman
John Alderson
as Guard #3
Bill Quinn
as Mr. Penny
Ina Victor
as Ingenue
Ed Peck
as Policeman
Peter Howard
as Curtis Welks
Martine Bartlett
as Mrs. Bergen
Mark Miranda
as 1st Boy
Howard Caine
as Mr. Setlin
Noel Drayton
as Bar Steward
Rolfe Sedan
as Old Man
Kenneth Harp
as Bailiff
Billy Barty
as The Barker
Allen Joseph
as Dr. Abrams
Ricky Vera
as 2nd Youth
Ben Pollack
as Court Clerk
William Wellman Jr.
as Delivery Man
Stacy King
as Female Worker
Ginny Gan
as 1st Worker
Helen Westcott
as Mrs. Fletcher
Paul Fierro
as The Priest
Karl Lukas
as Mel Tanner
Harry Antrim
as Conductor
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TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Sep 20, 1962
Genre: Mystery & Suspense
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