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Tensions mount among the 12 remaining bachelorettes and jealousy reigns when it's revealed that there will be two special one-on-one dates — each with a rose at stake — and one group date. Again, some women will not go on a date at all. One ecstatic woman hops on Jake's motorcycle and then on a helicopter for an adventurous date bungee jumping off the infamous Bridge to Nowhere. Eight bachelorettes visit Jon Lovitz's popular Hollywood comedy club, but the laughter turns to anxiety when the ladies learn they each will perform a standup routine — and not just for Jake but for a packed house. On the last individual date, Jake whisks another lucky woman away to Sea World in San Diego, where a huge surprise awaits. Finally, a rift forms in the house with all the women pitted against one bachelorette who claims to be there only to win Jake's heart, leading to an explosive rose ceremony.


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