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Las Vegas provides a glamorous backdrop as Brad tried to narrow the field to the eight women he will take around the world. As the 11 remaining bachelorettes leave the mansion and travel to exciting Las Vegas, two nervous women, Ashley H. and Ashley S., face the dreaded "two-on-one date," where one of them will be sent home immediately. How will Brad handle making a heartbreaking decision at the end of the night? Plus, the Bachelor takes eight competitive ladies out for the ride of their lives at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Shawntel gets a one-on-one date that could be the envy of every woman an upscale shopping spree where the sky's the limit. Then, as an exhausting week comes to an end, Brad must confront the escalating drama that has been building as he prepares to take eight of the bachelorettes around the world with him in his search to find love.


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