The Bionic Woman (1976 - 1978)

The Bionic Woman

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The Six-Million Dollar Man's former fiancée gets bionic and undertakes perilous missions for a covert government agency in this two-year spin-off from ABC's comic-book adventure hit. Like astronaut Steve Austin, Jaime Sommers' superhuman powers came courtesy of electronic body parts that replaced both of her legs, her right arm and her right ear. When the series moved to NBC in 1977, Jaime was joined by Max, a bionic German Shepherd.

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1977, ABC/NBC, 22 episodes

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1976, ABC/NBC, 22 episodes

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1976, ABC/NBC, 14 episodes


Lindsay Wagner
as Jaime Sommers
Richard Anderson
as Oscar Goldman
Ford Rainey
as Jim Elgin
Martin E. Brooks
as Dr. Rudy Wells
Martha Scott
as Helen Elgin
Sam Chew Jr.
as Russell
John Houseman
as Dr. Franklin
Don Porter
as Dr. Courtney
Jack Kelly
as Charles Keys
Michael Burns
as Carl Franklin
James Olson
as Rod Kyler
John Elerick
as Sanders
Rick Lenz
as Michael Marchetti
Don Calfa
as Petie `The Weasel' Regan
Kip Niven
as Donald Harris
Paul Shenar
as Dr. Cory
Jeff Corey
as Bearclaw
Dan O'Herlihy
as Harry Walker
Barry Sullivan
as Dr. Hatch
Robert Loggia
as Ali Ben Gazim
Kenneth W. O'Brien
as Victor/Dimitri
Corinne Michaels
as Lynda Wilson
Warren Kemmerling
as Warden Cooper
Ed Nelson
as Lucky Harrison
Doc Severinsen
as Muffin Calhoun
Kathleen Nolan
as Mother Superior
Sam Groom
as Maj. John Cross
Neile Adams
as Valerie
Bert Parks
as Ray Raymond
Vincent Price
as Manfred/Cyrus
Richard Lenz
as Marchetti
René Assa
as Major-domo
Al Hansen
as Trucker
Ellen Geer
as Sister Barbara
Joan Pringle
as Leona Mombassa
Lynn Carlin
as Norma Fisk
Roy Poole
as Dr. Boylin
Jim Hager
as Soldier
James Karen
as George Morehouse
Norma Connolly
as Mrs. Noah
Bo Brundin
as Emil Laslo
Ed Walsh
as Zanetos
Helen Craig
as Mrs. Belding
Jack Colvin
as Baron Constantine
Sam Jaffe
as Admiral Ricter
Jeff David
as Vanovic
Frank Marth
as Bill Robbins
Cassie Yates
as Miss Florida
Teddy Wilson
as Warner Williams
Will Hare
as Harley
Marj Dusay
as Dr. Brandes
Catherine Burns
as Sister Beverly
Pepe Hern
as Pineda
W.T. Zacha
as Raines
Sandy Ward
as Colonel Banning
John Quade
as Hawkins
Philip Carey
as Major Andrews
J. Jay Saunders
as Captain Anders
Roger Cruz
as Frank Dade
James Hong
as Kurosawa
Jason Evers
as Radnick
Gary Crosby
as Stage Manager
Dran Hamilton
as Sister Margo
John Lawrence
as Sergeant Roberts
Jack Garner
as Sheriff
Dave Cass
as Janos
Bert Kramer
as Penn Mathers
Sandy Kenyon
as Dr. Sanders
Julie Newmar
as Claudette
Ed Vasgersian
as Technician
Juno Dawson
as Agent Harding
Robert Ellenstein
as Henry Klempt
Roger Til
as Rochette
Felice Orlandi
as Juan Robles
Ron Hayes
as Father Thomas
Amy Joyce
as Rosignano
Ben Wright
as Fournier
Rachel Bard
as Lynette
Arch Johnson
as Commissioner Hart
Frank Cala
as Steinhauer
Tony Giorgio
as Creighton
William Boyett
as Captain Blank
James McEachin
as Captain Godfrey
Don Fenwick
as Ohanian
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TV Network: ABC/NBC
Premiere Date: Jan 14, 1976
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
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