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In the pilot of this "Family Guy" spin-off, Cleveland (voice of Mike Henry) leaves Quahog with Cleveland Jr. for California. But he gets only as far his hometown, Stoolbend, Va., where he runs into his high-school flame, Donna Tubbs (Sanaa Lathan), a single mother of two kids who could really use a dad. Cleveland wants to try to woo Donna again, but standing in his way---as he did in high school---is her ne'er-do-well boyfriend Federline Jones (Jamie Kennedy).


Mike Henry
as Cleveland Brown/Rallo/Flawrence
Sanaa Lathan
as Donna Tubbs/Mae West
Nia Long
as Roberta Tubbs
Kevin Michael Richardson
as Cleveland Brown Jr./Lester/Mr. Waterman/Ike Turner
Seth MacFarlane
as Tim/Peter/Quagmire/Brian
Glenn Howerton
as Terry/Robert Redford/Scientist/Doctor
Jamie Kennedy
as Federline Jones
John Viener
as Cop/Young White Cop
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