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Brenda probes the murder of a young woman at a high-priced restaurant. Among the suspects are a corrupt investor, who had previously been investigated for murder, and her husband, an ambitious chef. As the case unfolds, Brenda learns that the victim may have used unconventional means to advance her career and that of her husband. Meanwhile, Brenda must also cope with a major landmark in her life: her 40th birthday. She attempts to hide it from the squad, but their analytical skills eventually uncover her secret.


Kyra Sedgwick
as Dep. Chief Brenda Johnson
J.K. Simmons
as Asst. Police Chief Will Pope
Corey Reynolds
as Sgt. David Gabriel
Robert Gossett
as Com. Taylor
G.W. Bailey
as Det. Lt. Provenza
Jon Tenney
as FBI Agent Fritz Howard
Anthony John Denison
as Lt. Det. Andy Flynn
Raymond Cruz
as Det. Julio Sanchez
Michael Paul Chan
as Lt. Mike Tao
Gina Ravera
as Det. Irene Daniels
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