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A man wearing a surveillance wire in downtown Los Angeles is shot to death at point-blank range and the first person on the scene is none other than Ricardo Ramos (guest star STEPHEN MARTINES - "General Hospital"), who covers Priority Homicide for the Los Angeles Times. The victim's connections to a drug investigation intersect with Fritz's FBI work, and the ongoing duel between Brenda and her fiancé for control of the case leads to confrontation.


Kyra Sedgwick
as Dep. Chief Brenda Johnson
J.K. Simmons
as Asst. Police Chief Will Pope
Corey Reynolds
as Sgt. David Gabriel
Robert Gossett
as Com. Taylor
G.W. Bailey
as Det. Lt. Provenza
Jon Tenney
as FBI Agent Fritz Howard
Stephen Martines
as Ricardo Ramos
David Kelsey
as Benjamin Masters
Jackie Debatin
as Trisha Masters
Kevin Rankin
as Dean Murphy
Anthony John Denison
as Lt. Det. Andy Flynn
Raymond Cruz
as Det. Julio Sanchez
Michael Paul Chan
as Lt. Mike Tao
Gina Ravera
as Det. Irene Daniels
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