Identity Theft


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A confessed murderer, who was apprehended while Brenda was away on her honeymoon, gets details of the crime wrong during his allocution, causing Brenda to reopen the case. Brenda's investigation, however, is interrupted by a visit from her mother, Willie Ray (recurring guest star FRANCES STERNHAGEN), who hopes to pawn her troublesome niece, Charlie (recurring guest star SOSIE BACON - "Loverboy" and the real-life daughter of Kyra Sedgwick), off on Brenda and Fritz for the summer.


Kyra Sedgwick
as Dep. Chief Brenda Johnson
J.K. Simmons
as Asst. Police Chief Will Pope
Corey Reynolds
as Sgt. David Gabriel
Robert Gossett
as Com. Taylor
G.W. Bailey
as Det. Lt. Provenza
Jon Tenney
as FBI Agent Fritz Howard
Frances Sternhagen
as Willie Ray Johnson
Sosie Bacon
as Charlie
Michael Arden
as James Clark
Cynthia Watros
as Robin Milano
Kathe Mazur
as Andrea Hobbs
Steve Tom
as Judge Richwood
Bruce Davison
as Russell Clark
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