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The Cosby Show

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Cosby played a doctor and dad in this all-time classic, which was TV's biggest hit in the 1980s and almost single-handedly revived the sitcom genre and NBC's ratings fortunes after ABC passed on the series. Mostly set in a Brooklyn brownstone, the series focused on obstetrician Cliff Huxtable and his wife, Claire, a lawyer, as they raised their kids with loving firmness. The series debuted in September 1984, ran for eight seasons and produced one spin-off, `A Different World.'

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1991, NBC, 25 episodes

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1990, NBC, 26 episodes

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1989, NBC, 26 episodes

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1988, NBC, 26 episodes

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1987, NBC, 24 episodes

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1986, NBC, 25 episodes

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1985, NBC, 25 episodes

Critics Consensus: Smart, sweet, and very funny, The Cosby Show is an instant classic.

1984, NBC, 24 episodes


Bill Cosby
as Dr. Heathcliff 'Cliff' Huxtable
Phylicia Rashad
as Clair Huxtable
Lisa Bonet
as Denise Huxtable Kendall
Malcolm-Jamal Warner
as Theo Huxtable
Tempestt Bledsoe
as Vanessa Huxtable
Sabrina Le Beauf
as Sondra Huxtable Tibideaux
Clarice Taylor
as Anna Huxtbale
Geoffrey Owens
as Elvin Tibideaux
Earle Hyman
as Russell Huxtable
as Olivia Kendall
Erika Alexander
as Pam Tucker
Peter Costa
as Peter Chiara
Joseph C. Phillips
as Lt. Martin Kendall
William Thomas Jr.
as Dabnis Brickey
Allen Payne
as Lance Rodman
Karen Malina White
as Charmaine Brown
Michelle Thomas
as Justine Phillips
Mushond Lee
as Arthur "Slide" Bartell
David Smyrl
as Man in Court
Gary Leroi Gray
as Nelson Tibideaux
Wallace Shawn
as Jeffrey Engels
Sullivan Walker
as Dr. Jim Harmon
Pam Potillo
as Janet Meiser
Elaine Stritch
as Mrs. McGee
Moses Gunn
as Dr. Lotus
Lisa Rieffel
as Susan Henning
Seth Gilliam
as Aaron Dexter
Lynne Thigpen
as Mrs. Hudson
Marcella Lowery
as Francine Tibideaux
Michele Shay
as Nicole Harmon
Yvonne Erwin
as Sarah Hanks
Malinda Williams
as Althea Logan
Grace Johnston
as Caroline Gregory
Ethel Ayler
as Carrie Hanks
Alex Ruiz
as Lou Hernandez
Phil Nee
as Mr. Yang
Keith Reddin
as Mr. McManis
Dub Taylor
as Slim Claxton
Tiger Haynes
as Coach Bill Barry
Minnie Gentry
as Harriet "Gramtee" McCutcheon
Marge Redmond
as Mrs. Lebeau
Leslie Uggams
as Kris Temple
John Ritter
as Ray Evans
Anne Twomey
as Mrs. Jennings
Meg Foster
as Diane Hemmings
Betty Carter
as Ms. Amanda Woods
B.B. King
as Riley Jackson
Edmund Lyndeck
as Mr. Bingham
Kadeem Hardison
as Phillip Washington
Sam E. Wright
as Dr. Dan Morgan
Debbie Allen
as Emma Neuhausen
Russell Nype
as Ira Traugett
Wallace Shawn
as Jeffrey Engels
Charles Brown
as Capt. Turvey
Max Roach
as Dr. Gordon Darton
Anthony Quinn
as Mr. Fuentes
Clebert Ford
as Mr. Atkins
E.G. Marshall
as Stanley Rappaport
Saundra Quarterman
as Lisa Hairston
Jim Valvano
as John Velarde
Special Ed
as JT Freeze
Nicole Leach
as Danielle
Ray Demattis
as Alfred Phelps
Joe Williams
as Al Hanks
Yunoka Doyle
as Latisha
Dondre Whitfield
as Robert Foreman
Alva Chinn
as Expectant Mother #2
Ron Foster
as Mr. Hanson
Todd Hollowell
as Denise's Date
Susan Diol
as Cheryl
Christine Andreas
as Hairdresser
Dennis Scott
as Lester Tibideaux
Stephen Thompson
as Anthony Braxton
Joel Fabiani
as Richard Hemmings
John Amos
as Dr. Bradley Herbert Jr.
Nancy Wilson
as Lorraine Kendall
Red Buttons
as Jake Bennett
Damien Leake
as Andy Anderson
Dennis Singletary
as Lyle Thompson
Austin Pendleton
as Phil Kensington
Leticia Herrera
as Louisa Sanchez
Amy Yasbeck
as Alicia Evans
Dick Vitale
as Dan Vicente
Iona Morris
as Veterinarian
Mercedes Ruehl
as Bernadette Foley
Roger Robinson
as Mitch Lawson
Roy Wilson
as Howard
David Ilku
as Guy #1
Carmen Finestra
as Andy Witherspoon III
Ahmad Rashad
as Rodeo Announcer
Essence Atkins
as Paula Young
Suzzanne Douglas
as Rebecca Shorter
Richard Woods
as Steve Parnell
Colin Quinn
as Davey Herbeck
Arnold Stang
as Man in Waiting Room
Sari Chang
as Nurse Young
Richard Lawson
as Mr. Bostic
Michael Lombard
as Mason Benedict
Norman Beaton
as Carleton
Laurie Morrison
as Lindy Harmon
Ken Meseroll
as Jonathan Rappaport
Lucy Martin
as Gwen Graham
Alvin Lum
as Mr. Howe
Sonia Braga
as Anna Maria Westlake
Lou Myers
as Mr. Davis
Matt Williams
as Jack Westlake
Roscoe Lee Browne
as Dr. Barnabus Foster
Birdie M. Hale
as Mrs. Barry
Don Reed
as Mitchell
Joe Black
as Joe Simms
Leila Danette
as Mrs. Whitaker
as Herself
Lloyd Batista
as Court Clerk
Elayne Boosler
as Dr. Strauss
Audrey Landers
as Cookie Bennett
Vicki Richardson
as Shower Guest #2
Edouard DeSoto
as Mr. Rueter
BernNadette Stanis
as Carolyn Thompson
Catherine Davis Cox
as Bernice Phelps
Yvette Erwin
as Sarah Hanks
Bill Gunn
as Homer
Clayton Prince
as Eddie Lakehart
Barry Moss
as Mr. Chiara
Olivia Ward
as Mrs. Fields
Ernest Abuba
as George Parker
CCH Pounder
as Clair's Friend
Mary B. Ward
as Mrs. Jenkins
Bill Bradley
as Cliff's Teammate #1
Alec Mapa
as Wretched Fan
Frank Robinson
as Frank Potter
Ed Lover
as Cab Driver
Angela Bassett
as Mrs. Mitchell
Bill Irwin
as Eddie Bartholomew
Louis Nye
as Norman Kirby
Twinkle Burke
as Waitress
Danny Kaye
as Dr. Burns
Raphael Sbarge
as Mr. Jenkins
Robinson Frank Adu
as Male Officer
Wynonna Smith
as Denise's Friend
Dennis Singletary
as Lyle Thompson
Melba Moore
as Patricia Abbott
Dave DeBusschere
as Cliff's Teammate #2
Ronald Wilson
as Nelson Tibideaux
as Mrs. Montgomery
Freda Foh Shen
as Mrs. Balaban
Robert Culp
as Scott Kelly
Steven Culp
as Father-to-Be
Doris Belack
as Saleswoman
Dizzy Gillespie
as Mr. Hampton
Josh Culbreath
as Col. Sanford B. 'Tailwind' Turner
Rita Moreno
as Mrs. Granger
Carl Ballantine
as The Great Ballantine
Tony Orlando
as Tony Castillo
Clarke Gordon
as Mr. Halifax
Samuel E. Wright
as Dr. Dan Morgan
Stacey Dash
as Michelle
Ray Baker
as Mr. Schrader
Me Me Lai
as Morgan
as Davis Sarrette
Cynthia Bailey
as Sheniquah Watkins
Don Franklin
as Greg Martinson
Yamil Borges
as Mrs. O'Royo
Tzi Ma
as Mr. Lee
Jossie DeGuzman
as Mrs. Ramos
Alexis Cruz
as Enrique Tarron
Lauren Tom
as Mrs. Gwynne
Leonard Jackson
as Exterminator
Paul Ukena
as Security Guard
William Christian
as Mr. Robinson
Paul Harding
as Mr. Kenton
Ann Reinking
as Jill Kelly
Aleta Mitchell
as Mrs. Randall
Robert King
as Dr. Mike Newcomb
Paul Lemos
as Recording engineer
Rosalind Cash
as Dr. Hughes
Robert Gossett
as Stage Manager
Doug Yasuda
as Steve Yamado
Lela Rochon
as Veronica
as Dog
Kasi Lemmons
as Miss McKegney
Shawn Elliott
as Mr. Wilson
Haru Aki
as Janet Yamado
Ann Flood
as Mrs. Kenton
Wendy Gazelle
as Mrs. Gregory
Carla Brothers
as Shower Guest
Anthony Thomas
as Commencement Annnouncer
Clarence Williams III
as Mr. Thornehill
Ada Maris
as Selena Cruz
Terry Farrell
as Nicki Phillips
Anne De Salvo
as Miss Kessler
John Marion
as Auctioneer
Suzee Pai
as Mrs. Lee
Carlos Palomino (II)
as Cliff's Teammate #5
Fran Brill
as Puppeteer
Kim Hauser
as Melissa
Shari Headley
as Mrs. Dubois
Eileen Heckart
as Mrs. Hickson
Ronald Yamamoto
as Mr. Ogawa
Gloria Foster
as Dr. Barbara Bracy
Marina Durell
as Estelle Drake
Kevin Clash
as Puppeteer
Liliana Komorowska
as Clair's Assistant
Christopher Plummer
as Jonathan Lawrence
Jimmy Heath
as Saxophonist
Jason Bernard
as Sgt. Major Boswell Stokes
Ted Ross
as Dean Harris
Kira Arne
as Guest
Richard Hunt
as Statler
Olga Merediz
as Mrs. Rodriguez
Pam Grier
as Samantha
Crist Swann
as Dr. Eckerd
Joe Wilder
as Trumpet Player
Joe Seneca
as Dr. Zachariah J. Hanes
Michael Vale
as Mr. Lee
Percy Heath
as Bassist
Noel MacNeal
as Puppeteer
Jimmy Oliver
as Spencer Cunninghham
Lisa Vidal
as Mrs. Miron
Jeff Pope
as Justin
Jim Martin
as Puppeteer
Tito Puente
as Timbal Player
David Rudman
as Puppeteer
Dana Williams
as Opponent #6
Eric Gale
as Guitarist
Josephine Premice
as Mrs. Cunningham
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Series Details

TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Sep 20, 1984
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Tom Werner, Marcy Carsey, Earl Pomerantz, Elliot Shoenman, Bill Cosby, Janet Leahy
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