Episode 4


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The staff gather at a funeral for some of the patients, and Joan is in agony not knowing whether her fiance is alive or dead. It would be so dangerous if anyone knew her connection to the enemy, but Rosalie has previously seen the ring and now she watches Joan intently. Will the truth come to light? Joan's spirits are lifted by the arrival of thirteen Tommies from her home town of Liverpool - known as the Lucky 13. Joan has a fondness for these men, whose united spirit has given them a belief that if they all stick together, none of them will die. But when she discovers that one is much sicker than thought, she finds herself the victim of blackmail. Elsewhere, Thomas seizes his opportunity to pursue Kitty, but when she is summoned to meet with a mysterious figure from home it is Miles who comes to her aid. Will Kitty face up to her past? And the return of an old patient causes ripples between Roland, Grace and Margaret.


Suranne Jones
as Sister Joan Livesey
Kerry Fox
as Sister Margaret Quayle
Kevin Doyle
as Lt. Col. Roland Brett
Alex Wyndham
as Capt Miles Hesketh-Thorne
Jeremy Swift
as QMS Reggie Soper
Richard Rankin
as Capt Thomas Gillan
Marianne Oldham
as Rosalie Berwick
Alice St. Clair
as Flora Marshall
Jack Gordon
as Cpl. Peter Foley
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