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Five first-year law associates struggle to succeed at a prestigious firm. In the pilot, Dylan (Matt Long) is assigned to a nearly impossible pro-bono case; and Addy (Tina Majorino) makes an impression on her boss when she speaks her mind. Meanwhile, Beth allows a 90-year-old man to mistake her for his daughter; Liam lies to try to sign a client; and Malcolm's hiring circumvents the firm's traditional process.


Matt Long
as Dylan Hewitt
Ben Lawson
as Liam Priory
Tina Majorino
as Addy Fisher
Norbert Leo Butz
as Rowdy Kaiser
Leah Pipes
as Beth Bancroft
Billy Zane
as Cliff Huddle
Sherri Saum
as Susan Oppenheim
Clancy Brown
as Hart Sterling
Mehcad Brooks
as Malcolm Bennett
Nicole Ari Parker
as Susan Oppenheim
Timothy Omundson
as Mr. Ollerman
Noa Tishby
as Rachel
Richard Gant
as Judge Cole
Kate Burton
as Mrs. Graham
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