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The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961 - 1966)

The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961 - 1966)





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An often copied, rarely duplicated classic about TV writer Rob Petrie at home and work is as close as it gets to sitcom perfection. Sharply written, warmly acted by a brilliant ensemble cast and often sublimely funny, this brainchild of sitcom veteran Carl Reiner (who honed his comic skills working nine years with Sid Caesar) won many Emmys and, though it ran for only five seasons, has remained one of the medium's most enduring series.

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1965, CBS, 32 episodes

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1964, CBS, 32 episodes

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1963, CBS, 32 episodes

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1962, CBS, 32 episodes

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1961, CBS, 30 episodes


Dick Van Dyke
as Rob Petrie
Mary Tyler Moore
as Laura Petrie
Rose Marie
as Sally Rogers
Morey Amsterdam
as Buddy Sorrell
Richard Deacon
as Mel Cooley
Carl Reiner
as Alan Brady
Jerry Paris
as Jerry Helper
Ann Morgan Guilbert
as Millie Helper
Larry Mathews
as Ritchie Petrie
Johnny Silver
as Photographer
Allan Melvin
as Harrison
Sandy Kenyon
as Army Doctor
Bill Idelson
as Herman Glimshire
Eleanor Audley
as Woman at Party
Jamie Farr
as Charlie
Arthur Batanides
as Sheila's Date
Lennie Weinrib
as Jackie Brewster
Tom Tully
as Sam Petrie
Bernard Fox
as Mr. Caldwell
Isabel Randolph
as Mrs. Given
Cornell Chulay
as Neighborhood Child
Carl Benton Reid
as Mr. Meeker
Bella Bruck
as Mrs. Fieldman
Dabbs Greer
as Mr. Berger
Kenny Lynch
as Mr. Mathias
George N. Neise
as Leo Fassbinder
Barney Phillips
as Police Lieutenant
Richard Dawson
as Tracy Rattigan
Lola Albright
as Paula Marshall
John Rich
as Director
Sue Ane Langdon
as Marla Hendrix
Roger C. Carmel
as Doug Wesley
Phil Leeds
as Blackie Sorrell
Richard Haydn
as Edwin Carp
Jane Dulo
as Miss Singleton
Geraldine Wall
as Miss Glasser
George Tyne
as Berkowitz
Doris Singleton
as Mrs. Kendall
Peter Hobbs
as Captain
Ed Peck
as Capt. Warwick
Peter Leeds
as Police Officer
J. Pat O'Malley
as Sam Petrie
Forrest Lewis
as Mr. Harlow
Jon Silo
as Elevator Operator
Eddie Ryder
as Howard Lebost
Joan Shawlee
as Pickles
Herb Vigran
as Juror #2
Henry Scott
as Police Officer
Dan Tobin
as Leland Ferguson
Cheerio Meredith
as Miss Prinda
Richard Stahl
as Steve Parsons
Charles Cantor
as Steve Longfellow
Tracy Butler
as Miss Finland
Richard Angarola
as Anthony Stone
Hope Summers
as Lady with Dog
Glen Turnbull
as Mark Mullen
Paul Bryar
as Police Officer
Patsy Kelly
as Juror #1
Alan Reed Sr.
as Auctioneer
June Dayton
as Evelyn Harding
Robert Elliott
as Dr. Phil Nevins
Milton Parsons
as Caretaker
Bert Remsen
as Heckler
Betty Lou Gerson
as Mrs. Felicia Fellows
Alan Dexter
as Immigration Officer
Joby Baker
as Manuel
Elvia Allman
as Mrs. Glimsher
Greg Morris
as Mr. Peters
Ross Elliott
as Dr. Nevins
Barbara Dodd
as Customer
Opal Euard
as Scalper
Ken Lynch
as Yarnell
Eddie Hodges
as Baby Sitter
Tim Herbert
as Songwriter
Henry Gibson
as Doug Bedlork
Tom D'Andrea
as Forrest
Jimmy Murphy
as Ernie Murphy
Dick Curtis
as Johnny Patrick
Alvy Moore
as William
Kathleen Freeman
as Mrs. Campbell
Sheldon Golomb
as David Feldman
Biff Elliot
as Phillips
Michael Davis
as Martin Mathias
Jane Wald
as Julie
Ina Balin
as Valerie
Margaret Muse
as Mrs. Birdwell
Jayne Massey
as Lucianna
Harold Peary
as Uncle Edward
Lynn Borden
as Model #2
Stanley Adams
as Mr. Parkly
Joe Devlin
as Man in Battered Hat
Guy Marks
as Freddy
Albert Carrier
as Headwaiter
Florence Halop
as Mrs. Rocky Spaulding
Stacy Keach Sr.
as Dr. Miller
Tony Paris
as Guest #4
Judy Taylor
as Model #1
Paul Stader
as Boom-Boom Bailey
Jack Davis
as Kenneth Kendall
Gene Lyons
as Murdock
Howard Morris
as Holdecker
LaRue Farlow
as Sexy Girl
Pippa Scott
as Dorothy
Ed Holmes
as Witness
Colin Male
as Announcer
Ed McCready
as Police Officer
Sue Casey
as Mrs. Calvada
Jimmy Cross
as Hobo #3
Bert May
as Upside Down Man
Stacy Keach
as Dr. Miller
Len Weinrib
as Brewster
Maurice Brenner
as Mr. Little
Reta Shaw
as Miss McCracken
José Nieto
as Mariachio
Joan Staley
as Valerie
Bob Crane
as Harry
Doris Packer
as Mrs. Huntington
Jack Larson
as Kenneth
Wally Cox
as Lincoln
Barry Livingston
as Philip Mathias
Dick Dawson
as Rattigan
Ned Glass
as Irwin
Gloria Neil
as Laura No. 2
Tracy Stratford
as Priscilla
Alberta Nelson
as Miss Reshovsky
Kay Stewart
as Lady #1
Maria Sokolov
as Mrs. Sorrell
Benny Rubin
as Druggist
Lee Bergere
as Mr. Mason
Mimi Dillard
as Mrs. Peters
Irving Bacon
as Male Customer
Fred Clark
as William
Cliff Norton
as Game Warden
Nadia Sanders
as Coffee Girl
Jeri Lou James
as Usherette
Brian Nash
as Warren
Harry Stanton
as Dr. Gage
Rhoda Williams
as Receptionist
Holly Harris
as Lady #2
Fred E. Sherman
as Man at Party
Jack Albertson
as Eisenhower
Burt Taylor
as Soldier #1
Marilyn Hare
as Lady #3
Larry J. Blake
as Police Officer
Lia Waggner
as Mrs. Kirk
Denver Pyle
as Uncle George
Arthur Malet
as Engineer
Gavin McLeod
as Maxwell
Lou Cutell
as Vinnie
Lorna Thayer
as Samantha Merriweather
James Henaghan
as Booth Mitchell
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Series Details

TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Oct 3, 1961
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Danny Thomas, Sheldon Leonard
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