The Drew Carey Show (1995 - 2004)

The Drew Carey Show

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An easygoing Cleveland Everyman seeks simple pleasures in the company of his oddball friends as he trades barbs with his nemesis, a plus-size coworker who applies makeup the way Jackson Pollock applied paint. Along with the crew-cut star's ample charm, the sitcom's occasional dance numbers, parodies and animation helped make this one of ABC's more durable and creatively unpredictable shows.

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2003, ABC, 26 episodes

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2002, ABC, 26 episodes

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2001, ABC, 27 episodes

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2000, ABC, 27 episodes

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1999, ABC, 26 episodes

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1998, ABC, 27 episodes

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1997, ABC, 28 episodes

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1996, ABC, 24 episodes

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1995, ABC, 22 episodes


Drew Carey
as Drew Carey
Diedrich Bader
as Oswald Lee Harvey
Ryan Stiles
as Lewis Kiniski
Kathy Kinney
as Mimi Bobeck
Christa Miller
as Kate O'Brien
Kate Walsh
as Nicki Fifer
Craig Ferguson
as Nigel Wick
Nan Martin
as Fran Louder
Robert Torti
as Jay Clemens
Jenica Bergere
as Handywoman
Jane Morris
as Nora O'Dougherty
Keith Diamond
as Greg Clemens
Stanley Anderson
as George Carey
Blake Clark
as Jules Lambermont
David St. James
as Carpool Guy #1
Joe Walsh
as Himself
Jimmy Fox
as Himself
Robert Clotworthy
as INS Inspector
as Themselves
Goo Goo Dolls
as Themselves
Emma Hunton
as Madison
Ed Morgan
as Old Guy No. 1
Meshach Taylor
as Oswald's Double
Lin Liu
as Ming
Rosa Blasi
as Isabel
Ajgie Kirkland
as Customer #1
Jim Piddock
as Lord Mercer
Mark Curry
as Robert Soulard
John Ingle
as Minister
Victor Raider-Wexler
as Paul Van Houten
Tim Haldeman
as Officer #1
Larry Brandenburg
as Father McNabb
Jon Polito
as Stansfield
Jim Wise
as Harry
as Geller
Keene Curtis
as Rev. Lindemann
Steve Ireland
as Mr. Holiday
Reggie Jordan
as Paramedic
Leslie Sykes
as Herself
Jeff Asch
as Theodore
Neil Flynn
as Scott Honey
Zach Phifer
as Physician
Tom Towles
as Detective Streible
Frances Ross
as Bartender
Richard E. Grant
as Rev. Holloway
Jake Fritz
as Thomas
Blue Man Group
as Themselves
Tom Kiesche
as Dinosaur Guy
Bob Zany
as Insult-Delivery Guy
Paul Collins
as Prof. Stanton
Jenny O'Hara
as Judge White
Keith Neubert
as Fireman #1
Denise Dowse
as Doctor #2
Gary Coleman
as Drew's Double
Peter Scolari
as Councilman Kemp
Jeffrey Asch
as Theodore
Meagen Fay
as Amanda
Jeff Bryan Davis
as D'Artagnan
Tim Conlon
as Prosecuting Attorney
Ron Pearson
as Ringmaster
Wanda Sykes
as Christine
Jeff Michalski
as Policeman
Megyn Price
as Waitress
Bernie Kosar
as Himself
Paul Joseph Edwards
as Voice of Card Store Guy
Dulcy Rogers
as Colleen
Edward Morgan
as Old Guy #1
Margaret Travolta
as Mrs. Bishop
Iyari Limon
as Carmelita
Kenneth Mars
as Mr. Tinsley
Brent Hinkley
as Frederick
Mark Ankeny
as Paul Bowler
Shashawnee Hall
as Detective Patterson
Jeremy Lawrence
as Justice of the Peace
Gerry Cohen
as Himself
Cara Kahn
as Jeremy's Daughter
Doug Ballard
as Prosecutor
Denise Gentile
as Jenny Wolfe
Nicholas Turturro
as Det. James Martinez
Scott Rinker
as Tommy Newman
Kim Delgado
as Anderson
Jimmie "J.J." Walker
as Lewis' Double
John Bizarre
as Officer
Barry Livingston
as Mr. Walters
David O'Shea
as Minister
Ben Slack
as Santa
Tom Bosley
as Mr. Bobeck
Jeff Doucette
as Police Marshal
Carlos Cervantes
as Revolutionary
Weston Nathanson
as Kate's Grandfather
Sonya Eddy
as Woman #2
Jim O'Heir
as Maintenance Guy
Tammy Faye Messner
as Mrs. Bobeck
Aloma Wright
as Security Officer
Lori Fetrick
as Woman #3
Harry Groener
as Dr. Hershlag
Judy Louise Johnson
as Pregnant Woman #1
Kim Fields
as Kate's Double
James Martin Kelly
as Liquor Store Manager
Mike Hagerty
as Beer Guy
Michael Winslow
as Jimi Hendrix Lookalike
Bonnie Hellman
as Dr. Peters
Drake Bell
as The Blues Kid
Matthew Fonda
as Patient #1
Lane Napper
as Voice of Dispatcher
Lauren Katz
as Waitress
Matt Fonda
as Patient 1
Roy Clark
as Himself
Elizabeth Payne
as Kimberley
Daniel Roebuck
as Mr. Grayson
Smash Mouth
as Themselves
Sugar Ray
as Themselves
Jean Sincere
as Old Lady
Gary Kasper
as Biker #2
Scott Peacock
as Minister
Alice Frank
as Cheerleader
Rick Zieff
as Salesman
Mike Randleman
as Mr. Starkey
Bob Delegall
as Dr. Singer
Steve Buscemi
as Bobby Marchetti
Jocelyne Kelly
as Nurse Anderson
Charles Fleischer
as Dr. Kresheck
Rick Scarry
as Officer #2
The Go-Go's
as Themselves
Laura Margolis
as Flashback Girl
Tim Maculan
as Mr. Warwick
Judy Kain
as Barbara
James Hong
as Government Worker
Ron Geren
as Kirby
Ben Ziff
as Basketball Player
Lindsay Hollister
as Office Woman
Adeline Allen
as 6-year-old Girl
Mimi Cozzens
as Operator
Otto Coelho
as Janitor
Paul Feig
as Worker #1
Michael Alaimo
as Pizza Delivery Guy
Karl T. Wright
as Office Guy #1
Joel Stevens
as Saleswoman
Dave Allen
as Lawyer
Jack Riley
as Mr. Jones
Michael McDonald
as Parking Attendant
Mark Addy
as Himself
Christine Moore
as Court Reporter
Jordan Marder
as Skinhead
David Hansen
as Guy in Line
A.J. Marton
as Scout #2
Danielle O'Loughlin
as Pregnant Woman #2
Alex Alexander
as Woman Customer
Markus Redmond
as Delivery Guy
Tom Bailey
as Maitre d'
Wally Wingert
as Voice of Parrot
Gene Weygandt
as Employer
Alan Bursky
as Workman #1
Gene Feldman
as Patient 2
Harrison Liu
as Chinese Worker
Shelley Pack
as Trainer
Lorenzo Music
as Store Announcer
Gil Zuniga
as Hector
Mike Grief
as Pirate
Cooper Thornton
as Male Passenger
Simon Harvey
as Auctioneer
Joe Alaskey
as Voice of Daffy Duck
Ron Rogge
as Contractor
Ming Lo
as Manager
Sheila Kelly
as Saleswoman
Lisa Dinkins
as DEA Officer #1
Tico Wells
as Room Service Guy
Larry Milburn
as Security Guard
Regan Burns
as Office Guy #2
Roz Witt
as 50-year-old Woman
Jan Devereaux
as Mrs. Crawford
Graham Jarvis
as Principal Zand
Pat Lach
as Alice
Clarinda Ross
as Administrator
Patrick Gorman
as Shakespeare
Helen Slayton-Hughes
as 80-year-old Woman
Neil Barton
as Security Guard
Steve Tom
as The Captain
Chris Palmer
as Coach Palmer
Ariel Llinas
as Orderly
Thea Vidale
as Mimi's Double
Daisy Mullen
as Receptionist
Lance Roberts
as Security Guard #1
Justine Johnson
as The Woman
Todd Merrill
as The Customer
Don Perry
as Grandpa Bobeck
Ben Kronen
as Mr. Fraser
Jack Hannibal
as Applicant
Jim Blanchette
as Bartender
Lillian Lehman
as Elizabeth
Bill Erwin
as Mr. Bradbury
Jim Hanna
as Customer #2
Sheri Izzard
as Woman #2
Kathryn White
as Older Woman Customer
Andy Houts
as Trekker No. 1
Jerry Van Dyke
as Jerry Van Dyke
Peter Iacangelo
as Ice Cream Vendor
Steve Huison
as Himself
Triple H
as Himself
Carl Banks
as Black Gang Leader
Mimi Lieber
as Ms. Hager
Bruce A. Young
as Mr. Nichols
Carmen Electra
as Lewis' Boss
Sybil Azur
as Actress
Jonathan Zabel
as Little Steve
Bari Hochwald
as Dr. Kelly
Michael Chieffo
as Inspector
Marcus Folmar
as Off. Martin
Joely Fisher
as Joely Fisher
Melanie Good
as Tall Woman
Richard Voigts
as Board Member
Mary Gillis
as Nurse Beylin
Bergen Williams
as Smelly Mary
Joe Keyes
as Mailman
Sami Reed
as Heidi
Tac Fitzgerald
as Football Player
Denise Crosby
as Officer Hayes
Henry Winkler
as Mr. Newsome
Cherene Snow
as Bailiff
Susan Blommaert
as Judge Hirsch
Max Wright
as Drew's Stomach
Ashlynn Rose
as Little Girl
Chase Winton
as Phyllis
Macka Foley
as Security Guard #1
Jay Leno
as Lewis' Boss
Ben Stein
as Heavenly Guide
Noa Tishby
as Rachel
Rosemary Brown
as Bodyguard
Chris Bonno
as Young Man
Scott Klace
as Mr. Murphy
Lawrence Pressman
as Dr. Zinneman
Richard Gant
as Rev. Holloway
Melanie A. Gage
as Dancing Nurse
Derek Anthony
as Counselor
Julie Pinson
as Beverly
Jeremy Piven
as Jeremy Piven
Keith Nuebert
as Fireman 1
Stan Sellers
as Middle-Aged Guy
David Doty
as Minister
Brian Baker
as Michael
Tim Beggy
as Waiter
Emma Winton
as Madison
Megan Gray
as Young Woman
Melody Forsyth
as Woman No. 1
Paul Clark
as Teacher
Michael Hatch
as Campbell
Stan Cahill
as Patrick
Seth Adkins
as Pinocchio
Anthony Skordi
as TV Announcer
Ben Murphy
as Rev. Henderson
Tim Lucason
as Firefighter
Richard Narita
as Mr. Kamahela
Nicholas Hill
as Karate Guy
Paul Johansson
as Ron Higgins
Darius Dudley
as Reverend
Greg Lee
as Crazy Al
Tawny Moyer
as Realtor
Cheryl White
as Heather
Ken Lerner
as Feinstein
Earl Schuman
as Uncle Alfred
John Valdetero
as Captain Marvel
Christiana Barron
as Cheerleader
Ty Upshaw
as Policeman
Bryan Cuprill
as Frat Guy
Mary Coleston
as Woman No. 2
Sam Mettler
as Robert Johnson
Pat Crawford Brown
as Ms. Hopkins
Henry Rollins
as Mr. Jericho
Hansford Rowe
as Mr. Crawford
Bo Derek
as Herself
Charlie Stewart
as Little Boy
Kathleen M. Darcy
as Female Employee
Beau Baxter
as Michael
Caitlin Alderton
as Little Girl
Joe Ho
as Translator
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TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Sep 13, 1995
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Bruce Helford, Drew Carey, Sam Simon
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