Lesson Number One


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Romance blooms between Bette and Jodi and Alice and Tasha, while Jenny entertains the idea of her short story being adapted for the big screen.


Jennifer Beals
as Bette Porter
Laurel Holloman
as Tina Kennard
Mia Kirshner
as Jenny Schecter
Pam Grier
as Kit Porter
Leisha Hailey
as Alice Pieszecki
Katherine Moennig
as Shane McCutcheon
Rachel Shelley
as Helena Peabody
Daniela Sea
as Moira/Max Sweeney
Dallas Roberts
as Angus Partridge
Cybill Shepherd
as Phyllis Kroll
Marlee Matlin
as Jodi Lerner
Alf Humphreys
as Dick Petersen
Brian Markinson
as Aaron Kornbluth
France Perras
as Mrs. Greif
David Orth
as Mr. Wincorn
Haili Page
as Hailie
Camille Mitchell
as Becca Voynovich
Cheryl Hunter
as Spec. Sochynsky
Stacy Sheard
as Co-pilot
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