The Guest Host
The Larry Sanders Show Season 1

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Larry (Garry Shandling) is going on vacation, and his pal Dana Carvey is going to guest host the show for a week, then join Larry for some fishing. Hank (Jeffrey Tambor) complains to Artie (Rip Torn) about Carvey's relative inexperience, and begs Artie to let him audition for the network brass. Hank's audition doesn't go too well, and Artie asks the exec to be gentle, telling him, "Don't mention the name 'Rupert Pupkin.'" Carvey moves into Larry's office and Hank offers some "friendly" advice. Jeannie (Megan Gallagher), watching the show with Larry at home, is impressed with Carvey's interview skills. "He made Herve Villechaize seem funny, but without making fun of him," she marvels. Larry feels threatened and heads back to the office, where he learns that CBS has offered Carvey his own show, opposite Larry's. Carvey tells Larry he hasn't decided whether or not he'll take the offer, and Larry has to decide whether or not to cut his vacation short.


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