The Flirt
The Larry Sanders Show Season 1

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Mimi Rogers appears on the show, and flirts with Larry (Garry Shandling). "We should do a movie together," she tells him on the air, "I'd love to see how you handle a nude scene." Larry points out that he's married, and Hank (Jeffrey Tambor) helpfully mentions that that's never stopped him before. When Rogers runs out of time before she can tell her Oscar story, Larry impulsively invites her back for the next show. This irks Michael Richards (Seinfeld), who's just been bumped. Later, Larry watches the show with Jeannie (Megan Gallagher), who seems a little perturbed by all the flirting and the invitation to return. "I trust you," she tells Larry. "I don't think I trust him," indicating Larry's image on the TV screen. Larry is worried about falling into his old habit (sleeping with guests), and the next day, he has Artie (Rip Torn) watch the show over and over to see if he was flirting. Larry also sends a message to Rogers, having Beverly (Penny Johnson) tell her not to flirt with him. Rogers calls Larry into her dressing room, worried that she's done something wrong. "That's a great area," Larry disingenuously reassures her, "That artificial flirting thing -- the audience loves that." "Did it seem artificial?" Rogers responds. Then Jeannie shows up, and asks Jerry (Jeremy Piven) where Larry is.