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The fifth series of this crime drama picks up with Jane (Simon Baker) trying to figure out the connection between Lorelei (Emmanuelle Chriqui) and the elusive serial killer Red John. The CBI and the FBI fight over custody of the imprisoned Lorelei, who turns up several times throughout the series, and she and Jane prove helpful to one another. Her info propels Jane to begin assembling a list of possible Red John suspects, while Lisbon (Robin Tunney) finds a villain of her own to vow to take down: multi-millionaire murder suspect Tommy Volker (Henry Ian Cusick). Rigsby (Owain Yeoman) also gets personally involved in a case when his father gets injured in a small town's gang war. Likewise, Jane reconnects with a member of his family during an investigation: his murdered daughter, now all grown up. However, his conversations with her are only imaginary, brought on when he unknowingly drinks a cup of tea laced with a hallucinogen. Jane revisits the past in a different way during the show's 100th episode, which is a flashback to the time he first joined the CBI.


Robin Tunney
as Teresa Lisbon
Tim Kang
as Kimball Cho
Owain Yeoman
as Wayne Rigsby
Amanda Righetti
as Grace Van Pelt
Simon Baker
as Patrick Jane
Kevin Corrigan
as Robert Kirkland
Emmanuelle Chriqui
as Lorelei Martins
Michael Gaston
as Gale Bertram
Pruitt Taylor Vince
as J.J. Laroche
Rebecca Wisocky
as Brenda Shettrick
John Rubinstein
as Judge Manchester
Henry Ian Cusick
as Tommy Volker
Monique Gabriela Cumen
as Agent Tamsin Wade
Amy Aquino
as Judge Patricia Davis
David Noroña
as DDA Ardiles
Ivan Sergei
as Gabe Mancini
Christopher Cousins
as Jason Lennon
Judi Evans Luciano
as Senator Eileen Dawkins
Polly Walker
as Alexa Schultz
Neil Hopkins
as Isaac Goodwin
Jillian Bach
as Sarah Harrigan
Gregory Itzin
as Virgil Minell
Kyle Secor
as Father Peter DiBuono
Mariette Hartley
as Elise Vogelson
Molly Hagan
as Elizabeth Hennings
Cameron Meyer
as Medical Examiner
Jim Holmes
as Dr. Wilson Bowman
William Forsythe
as Steve Rigsby
Reed Diamond
as Agent Ray Haffner
Laura San Giacomo
as Miriam Gottlieb
Jesse Luken
as Pete Coen
Brooke Langton
as Pella Goodwin
Lee Garlington
as Betty Fulford
John O'Hurley
as Buddy Hennings
Jack Plotnick
as Brett Partridge
Ted McGinley
as Ed Hunt
Mary Lynn Rajskub
as Susie Hamblin
Malcolm McDowell
as Brett Stiles
Michael Gladis
as Curtis Wiley
Patrick Fischler
as Gary Beinhart
Meagen Fay
as Joanne Parsons
Scott Anthony Leet
as Roddy Turner
Paul Schultze
as John Hutten
Austin Bowerman
as Kyle Overton
Gary Basaraba
as Stephen Hannigan
J.R. Cacia
as Marcus Goodwin
Kyla Pratt
as Juliana McVie
Robert Picardo
as Jason Cooper
Lily Nicksay
as Rose Sutfin
Sean McClay
as Agent McClay
Rhea Bailey
as Amanda Shaw
Brad Carter
as Phil Rawson
David Clennon
as Judge Dellinger
Erick Avari
as Dr. Lance Reinhardt
April Billingsley
as Lucy Greene
Gigi Rice
as Dana Martins
Samantha Quan
as Megan Parke
Mark Provencher
as Ernie Wright
Mircea Monroe
as Tara Skye
Jenica Bergere
as Holly Preston
Chris Marrs
as Kip Roberts
Aimee-Lynn Chadwick
as Sarah Parson
Drew Powell
as Reede Smith
Wayne Baldwin
as Elderly Man
Troy Ruptash
as Matthew Gold
Sam Hennings
as Jeffrey Coates
Matt Servitto
as Warren Dodge
Aimee Lynn Chadwick
as Sarah Parson
Tangie Ambrose
as Samantha Barsocky
Michael Holden
as Michael Cashman
Jeanetta Arnette
as Sue Overton
Ron Perkins
as Park Ranger
Senta Moses
as Tiffany Stark
Mina Joo
as Receptionist
Mike Doyle
as Mason Braverman
M.C. Gainey
as Pete Barsocky
Steven Bauer
as Don Clyde
Tom Wright
as Kevin Rome
Eddie McClintock
as Sgt. Hawkins
Michael Hogan
as Sean Barlow
Jon Curry
as Tom Yannick
Ian Anthony Dale
as Det. Nathaniel Kim
Amir Arison
as Ryan Kasmir
Dennis Boutsikaris
as Dr. Michael Rubin
Erik Jensen
as Bran McTavish
Brian Duffy
as Cowboy Tim
Dove Cameron
as Charlotte
Anne Dudek
as Sloan Dietz
Nicole Bilderback
as Francesca Ehrlich
Chelsea Alden
as Young Holly
Mandy Kowalski
as Callie Karlsen
Amanda Clayton
as Kelly Burbage
Michael Petrone
as Gary Dietz
Susan Gibney
as Alice Burns
Emmanuelle Vaugier
as Melissa Enfield
Matt McTighe
as Lt. Lewis
Julie Claire
as Sylvia Clare
Eyal Podell
as Ian Percy
Don Stark
as Armin Gagnon
Robert Curtis Brown
as Nathan Dilmer
Michael Irby
as Beltran
Randee Heller
as Marta Roman
M.J. Karmi
as Ellen Preston
Amy Motta
as Missy Roberts
Jennifer Peo
as Cassie Flood
Jean Paul San Pedro
as Armando Granuccio
Emjay Anthony
as Marvin Pettigrew
Zuleikha Robinson
as Dr. Sonia Kidd
Harry Groener
as Francisco Navarro
Keith Pillow
as Forensic Pathologist
Yani Gellman
as Julian Gallego
Joanna Canton
as Casey Trenchard
Gerald Downey
as Forest Ranger
Dakin Matthews
as Prof. Papadakis
Andrew Patrick Ralston
as Stephen Doppler
Jacob Vargas
as Chief Rick Anaya
Donna Murphy
as Deandra Sunderland
Lisa Pescia
as Prison Administrator
Larry Poindexter
as Quinton Bosh
Hal Ozsan
as Harry Clarkson
Jennifer Sommerfield
as Sharon Pettigrew
Stephen Martines
as Jacob Lettner
Anthony Morris
as Rex Longo
Ryan Ahern
as Emmet Cox
Allan Kolman
as Virgil Roman
Elizabeth Bogush
as Alex Wiley
Nicole LaLiberte
as Annabelle Sugalski
Charlene Amoia
as Melaina Mendelssohn
Aaron Takahashi
as Tai Nguyen
Kirk Acevedo
as Christian Dos Santos
Michael Shamus Wiles
as Walter DeMunn
Michael Whaley
as Elwood Pierce
Chris Mulkey
as Tom Crayhew
Tamara Mello
as Lily Soto
Max Martini
as Fletcher Moss
Kimberly Westbrook
as Female Desk Clerk
Anthony Ruivivar
as Victor Phipps
Rosalie Ward
as Jeanette
Alexis Carra
as Mandy Drake
Ace Gibson
as Michael
Marisa Guterman
as Sandra Guzman
V.J. Foster
as Dickie Yuntz
Matt Baker (VII)
as Charles Milk
James MacDonald
as Sgt. Bigley
Stephen Macht
as Hollis Percy
Jarrod Crawford
as Journalist
John Asher
as Doug Feiner
Paul Wilson
as Paul Jenkins
Vicellous Reon Shannon
as Jeron "Shade" Slaughter
Casey Graf
as Gregory Lewis
Meg Foster
as Judith Saynay
Piter Marek
as Trauma Surgeon
Jack Laufer
as Stuart Davis
Amy Pietz
as Joanna Lyle
Brad Blaisdell
as Darrin Farr
Kevin Cahoon
as Magician
Bess Rous
as Emma Cordry
Ajay Mehta
as Fahad Ranjani
F. William Parker
as Guy Perotti
Gary Carlos Cervantes
as Det. Tony Garcia
Maggie Egan
as Polly Datch
Sandra Thigpen
as Laveria Cole
Norma Maldonado
as Delores Recinos
JD Cullum
as Gordon Bradovich
Jim O'Heir
as Norris
Daisy Eagan
as Samantha Stewart
Aramis Knight
as Alex Dos Santos
Dan Gauthier
as Chip McGavin
Adam Tsekhman
as Horatio Jones
Pranidhi Varshney
as Nurse/Receptionist
Derek Ray
as Billy Racine
Mark Dippolito
as Scott Saynay
Holly Kaplan
as Shirley Jenkins
James Jordan
as Chuck Calloway
Kathe Mazur
as Lisa Coates
Drew Rausch
as Off. Ray Moran
Sara Maraffino
as Rosie Dunlap
Ricky Saenz
as Jorge Arroyo
George Gerdes
as Miles MacCambridge
Shainu Bala
as Bodega Clerk
Samantha Esteban
as Monica Suarez
Christopher Carver
as Winston Dellinger
Sonya Leslie
as Counsellor
Rose Abdoo
as Sheila
Vanessa Ray
as Cayce Robins
Michael Rubenstone
as Tupperware Man
Homie Doroodian
as Motel Clerk
Jeremy Glazer
as Steve Berman
Lorenzo Eduardo
as Beefy Thug
David Earnest
as Agent Jurmain
Brandon Claybon
as Lemuel McVie
Lex Medlin
as Chaplain Johnny Griffin
Bill Lewis
as Husband
Diane Witter
as Receptionist
Nadege August
as Female Cyclist
Bart Braverman
as Bodega Owner
Josh Clark
as Artie Beck
Porter Kelly
as Chuck's Sister
Justine Wachsberger
as Geotech Receptionist
Alex Jackson Long
as Older Brother
Wendy Phillips
as Joanna Percy
Kimleigh Smith
as Mindy Fernandez
Penny Moore
as Donna Thorland
Micah Nelson
as Tupperware Boy
Marlon Young
as Burt Hade
Gabrielle McClinton
as Bridget Wendel
Amanda Detmer
as Nicola Karlsen
Scott Vance
as Records Clerk
Shirley Butler
as Action Alliance Counselor
Gregory Marcel
as Lester Bradovich
Seth Coltan
as Tourist Dad
Mitch Poulos
as Manager
Lorinne Vozoff
as Ernie's Grandma
Sean Guse
as Gang Member
Aaron Norvell
as Moran's Partner
Ian Andrew
as Younger Brother
Elise Robertson
as Julia Howard
Nick Cobey
as Howard Bledsoe
Jen Kuhn
as Linda Parfrey
Ray Proscia
as White Shoe Attorney
Dina Simon
as Jasmin Lonagul
Pablo Espinosa
as Agent Weber
Antonio Jaramillo
as Emmett Cook
Maxwell Glick
as Opponent
Celia Finkelstein
as Deb Granger
Karen Constantine
as Good Samaritan
Shannon Mosley
as Junior Homeland Security Agent
Maz Siam
as Mac Lonagul
Katie Walder
as Nancy Sterling
Oscar Best
as Sac PD Captain
Ken Luckey
as Phoenix Bell
Emily Sandifer
as Shelter Counselor
Tacey Adams
as Lissie Calhoun
Alissa Ford
as Valerie Whittaker
Roderick McCarthy
as SAC PD Officer
Michelle LaRue
as Charlotte Coates
Brian Ames
as Duncan
Livia Trevino
as Female Prison Guard
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Critic Reviews for The Mentalist: Season 5

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This old-fashioned framework yields another, related aspect of the series' appeal and its strangeness.

September 30, 2012 | Rating: 6/10 | Full Review…

'The Crimson Ticket' was a very good start to the 5th season - a great set up for the serialized arc and a decent, if not spectacular, case of the week.

September 30, 2012 | Rating: 4.5/5 | Full Review…

I'm looking forward to another wickedly fun season of The Mentalist.

September 30, 2012 | Rating: 4.6/5 | Full Review…

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