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During the sixth series of this crime drama, Jane (Simon Baker) keeps narrowing down his list of Red John suspects, and at one point he even manages to gather all of the suspects together. An explosion disrupts things, but after 10 years of relentlessly pursuing this very personal case, Jane finally uncovers his wife and daughter's killer. The show then does a two-year jump in time and finds Jane living a serene life on an island, but he's eventually pulled back into using his skills to help solve crimes. However, he's now assisting the FBI instead of the CBI, and he's reporting to Special Agent Dennis Abbott (Rockmond Dunbar). He also works closely with Special Agent Kim Fischer (Emily Swallow), but he refuses to co-operate until they recruit Lisbon (Robin Tunney) to join their team as well.


Robin Tunney
as Teresa Lisbon
Tim Kang
as Kimball Cho
Owain Yeoman
as Wayne Rigsby
Amanda Righetti
as Grace Van Pelt
Rockmond Dunbar
as FBI Agent Dennis Abbott
Emily Swallow
as Kim Fischer
Simon Baker
as Patrick Jane
Joe Adler
as Jason Wylie
Pedro Pascal
as Agent Marcus Pike
Michael Gaston
as Gale Bertram
Shannon McClung
as Agent Collins
Drew Powell
as Reede Smith
Reed Diamond
as Ray Haffner
Xander Berkeley
as Sheriff McAllister
Zuleyka Silver
as Daniela Walker
William Mapother
as Richard Haibach
Robert Picardo
as Jason Cooper
Nandy Martin
as Amy Welker
Kevin Corrigan
as Robert Kirkland
Titus Welliver
as Michael Ridley
Malcolm McDowell
as Bret Stiles
Jack Plotnick
as Brett Partridge
Wes Ramsey
as Charlie
Penny Peyser
as Linda Dubin
John Hensley
as Anthony Tremel
Jud Tylor
as Mae Feinberg
Charles Mesure
as Edmund MacKaye
Aunjanue Ellis
as Madeline Hightower
Nick Van Esmarch
as Thaddeus Delahay
Erica Piccininni
as Stacey Bonner
Beth Riesgraf
as Kira Tinsley
Brianna Brown
as Krystal Markham
Taylor Nichols
as Alex Mildray
Seth McGowan
as Aaron Pulaski
Marcus Coloma
as Roberto Salas
Azita Ghanizada
as Defiance Schneiderman
Oscar Torre
as Luis Cruz
Mia Faith
as Leanne Cole
Mia Faith
as Leanne Cole
Sloan Robinson
as Ruby Hightower
Pedro Lopez
as Alfredo
Erin Way
as Avery Schultz
John De Lancie
as Edward Feinberg
Jon Abrahams
as Peter Kilgallen
Mark Harelik
as Kenyon Russell
Mark Adair-Rios
as Francisco "Paco" Perez
Cindy Pickett
as Marcia Wilk
Samantha Smith
as Sylvia Hennigan
Kelly Donohue
as Cody Sherman
David L. King
as FBI Head Don Anderson
Wayne Bastrup
as Charles Whitaker
Lisa Darr
as Hazel Haibach
Jonathan LaPaglia
as John Acardo
Christine Dunford
as Mrs. Bonner
Ray Abruzzo
as Bill Mylar
Goya Robles
as Franklin Morales
Casey Biggs
as Mr. Bonner
Goya Robles
as Franklin Morales
Shane Edelman
as Abel Schneiderman
Sterling K. Brown
as DEA Agent Higgins
Travis Schuldt
as Curtis Whitaker
Paula Marshall
as Kris Makkena
Karen Malina White
as Elsie Graham
Judson Mills
as Bryce Kendrick
Tim Sitarz
as Rick Dort
Richard Fancy
as Richard Summers
Camryn Grimes
as Deanne Price
J. Rene Pena
as Mrs. Salas
Colby French
as Jason Kern
Ivar Brogger
as Elliott Winston
Alejandro Cardenas
as Jose Martinez
Kevin Daniels
as Clancy Tatum
Kristin Lundquist
as Female Client
Natalie Padilla
as Madison Price
Bobby Hosea
as Joe Lamotte
Gareth Williams
as DEA Supervising Agent Maloney
Angelique Cabral
as Gina Petrocelli
Carol Kiernan
as Claudia Fornham
Rolando Boyce
as Van Driver
Devon Gummersall
as Gabriel Quinn
Derek Dinniene
as Ben Rigsby
Peter Colburn
as Pete Koch
Craig Irwin
as Burly Guy Juror
Magda Apanowicz
as April Lark
James Urbaniak
as Aaron Kalinoski
Todd Williams
as Agent Miller
Sonny Marinelli
as Marvin Gryska
François Chau
as Mr. Nguyen
Kale Clauson
as Young Man
Trevor St. John
as John Hennigan
Miguel Nájera
as Mr. Salas
Russell Thomas
as FBI Agent
Michael Mantell
as Leo Drembelas
J.F. Davis
as Agent Searls
Mitch Ryan
as Cody Benbow
Norman Howell Jr.
as Truck Driver
Jeff Griggs
as Chad Parkman
Halbert Bernal
as David Ronaldo
Hugo Armstrong
as Mac the Cook
Shannon Sturges
as Susan Fitzgerald
Don Danielson
as Pool Player
Yves Bright
as Euro Man Juror
Vik Sahay
as Nicholas Hong
Hector Elias
as Victor Orozco
Brian Patrick Wade
as Martin Hagen
Nicole Day
as Vendor
Elizabeth Chomko
as Pam Parsons
Robert Joy
as Alexander Lark
Jessica Blank
as Carol Mathews
Benito Martinez
as Commander Delgado
Ellen Wroe
as Officer Green
Pat Skipper
as Mitch Daniels
Sean O'Bryan
as Emmett Fitzgerald
Yan Feldman
as Ray Qasimi
Chuck Ashworth
as FBI Agent #1
Billy Malone
as Agent Davis
Amanda Reed
as Heavy Woman Juror
Eric Pumphrey
as Devin Frost
Paul Schulze
as John Hutton
Lauren Stamile
as Madison Yardley
Pancho Demmings
as Off. Chase, Officer Chase
David Noroña
as Osvaldo Ardiles
Hari Dhillon
as Ali Qasimi
Dante Swain
as Second Security Guard
Virginia Montero
as Mrs. Quijada
Sean Patrick Murphy
as Agent Stanley
Karl Makinen
as Christon Phelps
Ane Dela Cruz
as FBI Agent #2
Phong Tran
as Mr. Lewis Henchman
Bradley Wentzel
as Forager #1
Paul Schakman
as Alan Montross
Trent Ford
as Gavin Yardley
Navid Negahban
as Hassan Zarif
Kathleen M. Darcy
as Edith Firlock
Gary Grubbs
as Samuel Millman
Alison Martin
as Mrs. Macy
David Ury
as Col. James Harris
Mark Saul
as Sergei Sokolov
Milena Govich
as Molly Becker
Guri Weinberg
as Arek Gree
Jaime Alvarez
as Juarez Police Officer
Boo Arnold
as US Marshal Lawson
Ajgie Kirkland
as Jonas Diop
Luis Fernandez-Gil
as Ambassador Moreno
Gary Kraus
as Larry Kincaid
Joe Nieves
as Detective Oscar Cordero
Lincoln Hope
as Tech Guy
Helen D'Esposito
as Forensic Tech
Wayne Temple
as Detective
Claire Winters
as Jacquelyn Hutton
Andi Carnick
as Sac PD Sergeant
Addie Daddio
as Justice of the Peace
Ted Larkin
as Trigger Man
Christopher Goodman
as Lt. Sheridan
James Laski
as Dan Becker
David Warhshofsky
as Donny Culpepper
Zeljko Ivanek
as Linus Wagner
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As Hollywood cop shows go, this one is more Scooby Doo than Starsky And Hutch.

November 6, 2017 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

I have no idea what will happen next but I sincerely can't wait for the next episode of The Mentalist to find out.

September 30, 2013 | Rating: 4.7/5 | Full Review…

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