The Prize


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When death strikes the Louvre, Treville takes controversial steps to protect the Dauphin from the unholy alliance of Grimaud, Gaston and the Duke of Lorraine. His secretive tactics isolate the Queen and threaten to drive even his loyal Musketeers apart. With the disbanded Red Guard at Grimaud's disposal, Constance and Sylvie must hide the Dauphin in a city crawling with spies.


Luke Pasqualino
as D'Artagnan
Tom Burke
as Athos
Howard Charles
as Porthos
Alexandra Dowling
as Queen Anne
Ryan Gage
as King Louis
Tamla Kari
as Constance
Matthew McNulty
as Lucien Grimaud
Hugo Speer
as Minister Treville
Robert Glenister
as Duke of Lorraine
Crispin Letts
as Magistrate Bellavoix
Matt Stokoe
as Captain Marcheaux
Victoria Alcock
as Claudette
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