The Girlfriend


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Alan Dale makes his first series appearance as Caleb Nichol, the wealthy, manipulative father of troubled Newport matron Kirsten Cohen (Kelly Rowan). Caleb sets the Cohen household on its ear when he introduces his new and extremely young girlfriend, Gabrielle (Nichole Hiltz), who may well put Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) in the uncomfortable position of having to refer to a 24-year-old woman as "Grandma." As for Kirsten's lawyer husband, Sandy (Peter Gallagher), he is becoming more and more nostalgic for his "old," pre-Newport lifestyle. Next door at the Coopers, Jimmy (Tate Donovan) faces losing his wife and his job in one fell swoop, while Jimmy's ex-to-be Julie (Melinda Clarke) begins cozying up to the redoubtable Caleb. In other developments, Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton) tries to choose between Ryan (Ben McKenzie) and Luke (Chris Carmack). And is Summer (Rachel Bilson) really interested in Seth or is she just playing games?


Benjamin McKenzie
as Ryan Atwood
Rachel Bilson
as Summer Roberts
Peter Gallagher
as Sandy Cohen
Alan Dale
as Caleb Nichol
Kelly Rowan
as Kirsten Cohen
Adam Brody
as Seth Cohen
Mischa Barton
as Marissa Cooper
Tate Donovan
as Jimmy Cooper
Melinda Clarke
as Julie Cooper
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