The Rescue


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Resuming its first-season run after a six-week hiatus, The O.C. picks up shortly after the disastrous "vacation" in Tijuana. As Marissa (Mischa Barton) recovers from her drug overdose, her mother, Julie (Melinda Clarke), accuses Ryan (Ben McKenzie) of causing Marissa's pain -- oblivious to the fact that it was Julie's divorce from Jimmy (Tate Donovan), along with Marissa's boyfriend Luke's (Chris Carmack) betrayal, that set Marissa off. Meanwhile, Ryan's "foster father," Sandy (Peter Gallagher), is faced with a daunting workload at his new job, and Sandy's wife, Kirsten (Kelly Rowan), is none too thrilled with her husband's co-worker Rachel Hoffman (Bonnie Somerville). As the episode draws to a close, Ryan's fall enrollment in Newport's prestigious Harbor High School is placed in jeopardy, not least by the school's highly judgmental dean, Dr. Kim (Rosalind Chao); and Marissa faces the likelihood of being sent away from the O.C. permanently.


Benjamin McKenzie
as Ryan Atwood
Rachel Bilson
as Summer Roberts
Peter Gallagher
as Sandy Cohen
Kelly Rowan
as Kirsten Cohen
Adam Brody
as Seth Cohen
Mischa Barton
as Marissa Cooper
Tate Donovan
as Jimmy Cooper
April Grace
as Dr. Burke
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