The Disconnect


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Ryan takes an internship working for Sandy and Matt (recurring guest star JEFF HEPHNER) at the Newport Group, but he ends up working harder to save Matt's reputation. Determined to get accepted to Brown University, Summer and Seth do whatever it takes to stand out at Harbor School. Johnny (recurring guest star RYAN DONOWHO) finally tells Marissa how he really feels about her. After a stressful weekend, Ryan and Marissa cross paths and end up telling each other the truth about their time apart.


Peter Gallagher
as Sandy Cohen
Kelly Rowan
as Kirsten Cohen
Benjamin McKenzie
as Ryan Atwood
Mischa Barton
as Marissa Cooper
Adam Brody
as Seth Cohen
Melinda Clarke
as Julie Cooper
Rachel Bilson
as Summer Roberts
Ryan Donowho
as Johnny Harper
Lisa Rotondi
as Gwen Harper
Jeff Hephner
as Matt Ramsey
Sarah Smith
as Cinnamon
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