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August 12, 2018
compare to all the previous originals seasons. Far the worst season.
August 3, 2018
it's the 5th and final season of Julie Plec's supernatural spinoff

last season the Mikaelsons made the toughest decision ever to leave one
another to protect each other from the Hollow's influence
Hope went sent to Alaric's school for special gifted individuals as well
everyone's back for one last get-together
7 years have passed; Hope has grown into a young woman unintentionally
creating a hybrid from her own blood and now the Mikaelsons come back with
the Hollow?s influence growing worse
Candace Accola even makes a guest appearance!
Vincent goes to a Seer Ivy who fortells of an impending doom
Elijah has lost his memory wanting to start over and running into a woman
named Antoinette yet she has a shameful past
Hayley has now gone missing and the other clans see Hope as an aberration
of the species
there may also be a new group of zealots out to wipe out Klause's family
Freya and Keelin are on and off again in their relationship then later
start to decide their future together
Hope meets a young boy who turns into a hybrid but he's actually connected
to something bad Klause caused over 100 years ago
to make matters worse a deadly prophecy in New Orleans wiping out all first
born vampires could come to pass
another main character loses her life, too
as punishment the entire family gets pulled into a kind of purgatory
Hope is growing strong but viewed as a monster and uncontrollable, could
this power ultimately destroy her? Can she survive as an Original?
you cant create a mess without taking responsibility, we're capable of
doing terrible things but also capable of forgiveness, how can you have a
child knowing you won?t hurt them?, we are damaged but not doomed to repeat
the mistakes of our parents, can you be a miracle and a mistake at the same
time?, sometimes being family means saying no, happiness is a choice, and redemption can always be earned
the final farewell is very emotional and I got very teary-eyed seeing how far the Mikaelsons have come since their births
'always and forever' will always be their mantra, it may be endings for some but it's also for new beginnings for everyone including Hope
thankfully another 'Vampire Diaries' spin-off is on the way so this isnt the end of the Mikaelsons completely
rest in peace 'Originals' and thank you so much Julie Plec for another addictive supernatural drama
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