Episode 4


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Edmund Lovett returns to the news that his beloved shop has had a break-in. He is surprised when he discovers the culprit is a woman - the bedraggled and drunk Ruby - but he endeavours to help her in her plight. Denise is thrilled to be head of Ladieswear, but Moray's eyes are still on the bigger dream. There's tension between them and when Denise suggests 'afternoon tea' in Ladieswear he initially dismisses the idea. Susy is irresistibly enthusiastic in her new role but her zeal is dented when she spots the bedraggled woman from Edmund's shop in the street. This shock arrival forces Susy to tackle demons from her past and she struggles to keep a lid on things. Finally overwhelmed, she lashes out at Flora Weston, and in doing so jeopardises her position in the Paradise. Denise is met with tough decisions and realises that becoming head of Ladieswear brings many new challenges that she hadn't anticipated.


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