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The Prisoner (1967 - 1968)

The Prisoner (1967 - 1968)




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An imaginative, mesmerizing---and enigmatic---British cult series about a character known only as Number 6 (series creator Patrick McGoohan) who, after angrily resigning from a top-secret organization, is abducted to `The Village,' a high-tech prison disguised as a placid English resort. Although critically acclaimed, `The Prisoner' only ran for 17 episodes, and most of those focused on 6's struggle to learn the identity of his sinister captors and to escape his lush but mysterious compound.

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Critics Consensus: Sharply intelligent, visually striking, and bracingly bleak, The Prisoner remains a political metaphor for the ages.

1967, ITV, 17 episodes


Patrick McGoohan
as The Prisoner (Number 6)
Angelo Muscat
as The Butler
Christopher Benjamin
as Labour Exchange Manager
Harold Berens
as Reporter
Kathleen Breck
as Number 42
George Benson
as Labour Exchange Manager
Derek Aylward
as New Supervisor
George Coulouris
as Man with the Stick
Leo McKern
as Number 2
Colin Gordon
as Number 2
Peter Swanwick
as Supervisor
John Cazabon
as Man in Cave
Bee Duffell
as 2nd Psychiatrist
Georgina Cookson
as Blonde Lady
Eric Portman
as Number 2
Hilary Heath
as Number 73
Angela Browne
as Number 86
Mary Morris
as Number 2
Michael Brennan
as Killer Karmiski
Alexis Kanner
as Number 48
John Maxim
as Number 86
John Sharp
as Number 2
Sheila Allen
as Number 14
Patricia Jessell
as 1st Psychiatrist
John Castle
as Number 12
Mark Eden
as Number 100
Hugo Schuster
as Seltzman
Anton Rodgers
as Number 2
Basil Hoskins
as Number 14
Alex Kanner
as Young Man
Victor Maddern
as Bandmaster
Annette Andre
as Watchmaker's Daughter
Rachel Herbert
as Number 58
Katherine Kath
as Mme. Endgadine
Norma West
as Girl Bo-Peep
Bill Cummings
as Henchman
Max Faulkner
as 1st Horseman
Andre Van Gyseghem
as Retiring Number Two
Jackie Cooper
as 1st Guardian
Peter Brace
as 1st Guardian
Gerry Crampton
as Koshu Opponent
Grace Arnold
as Number 36
Alan White
as Dutton
David Bauer
as The Judge
Al Mancini
as Announcer
Larry Taylor
as Mexican Sam
Lucy Griffiths (II)
as Lady in Corridor
James Bree
as Villiers
John Drake
as Bowler
Pat Keen
as Nurse
Barbara Yu Ling
as Taxi Driver
Norman Scace
as Psychiatric Director
Michael Miller
as Number 93
Kenneth Benda
as Supervisor
Margo Andrew
as Shop Kiosk Girl
Earl Cameron
as Supervisor
George Baker
as The New Number Two
Basil Dignam
as Supervisor
Kevin Stoney
as Colonel J
Michael Billington
as 2nd Woodland Man
Dennis Shaw
as Shopkeeper
Gay Cameron
as Number 36
Guy Doleman
as Number Two
Richard Wattis
as Fotheringay
Joe Gladwin
as Yorkshire Napoleon
Gordon Sterne
as Bystander
Peter Howell
as Professor
Patsy Smart
as Waitress
Joe Dunne
as 1st Tower Guard
Gordon Tanner
as Town Elder
Michael Chow
as 2nd Member of Social Group
Arthur Gross
as Control Room Supervisor
Betty McDowall
as Professor's Wife
Lucille Soong
as Flower Girl
Fred Haggerty
as 2nd Guardian
John Rees
as Welsh Napoleon
Joseph Cuby
as 1st Member of Social Group
Aubrey Morris
as Town Crier
Alf Joint
as 2nd Mechanic
Wanda Ventham
as Computer Attendant
Hilda Barry
as Number 38
Nigel Stock
as The Colonel
George Leach
as 4th Guardian
Juney Ellis
as Number 38
Brian Worth
as Group Captain
John Hamblin
as 1st Woodland Man
Victor Platt
as Assistant Supervisor
Eddie Powell
as 3rd Guardian
William Lyon Brown
as Second Doctor
Michael Bilton
as MC Councillor
Jack LeWhite
as 1st Judge
Graham Stewart
as 1st Little Boy
Mark Burns
as Number Two's Assistant
Peter Bourne
as Projection Operator
Michael Segal
as Lab Technician
John Wentworth
as Sir Charles
Jack Allen
as Doctor
Monte de Lyle
as Town Dignitary
Susan Sheers
as Female Code Expert
Bartlett Mullins
as Committee Chairman
John Frawley
as Flower Man
Nike Arrighi
as Gypsy Girl
Ian Fleming (II)
as Man in Café
Dinny Powell
as 2nd Guardian
Douglas Jones
as Horse Dealer
Fabia Drake
as Welfare Worker
Victor Woolf
as Shop Assistant
George Leech
as First Corridor Guard
Gertan Klauber
as Café Waiter
David Garfield
as Hospital Attendant
Lloyd Lamble
as Stapleton
Frank Maher
as 3rd Gunman
Michael Nightingale
as Night Supervisor
Arthur White
as Stallholder
Oliver MacGreevy
as Gardener/Electrician
Henry Longhurst
as Old Guest
Keith Peacock
as 2nd Guardian
Bill Nick
as 1st Gunman
John Nolan
as Young Guest
Frederick Piper
as Ex-Admiral
Lockwood West
as Cinema Shop Manager
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TV Network: ITV
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
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