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As part of the auto-shop sting operation, Ronnie (David Rees Snell) gets surveillance footage of Russian mobster plotting to torch a building for an insurance scam. Monica (Glenn Close) and Vic (Michael Chiklis) are planning the raid, but Assistant Chief Phillips (Nigel Gibbs) shows up and calls it off, handing the case to the Organized Crime Unit. It turns out that Aceveda (Benito Martinez) has been using all of his political clout to squash Vic and get control of the seizure program, and he's obtained a doctored videotape of the church raid that will embarrass the department when it hits the local media. Monica tries to get his help in squashing the tape, but he refuses to help her unless she pulls Vic off the street. Vic is furious when Monica asks him to take a step back, temporarily. Julien (Michael Jace) continues to come into conflict with both Danny (Catherine Dent) and Monica over his issues with the seizure policy. Shane (Walton Goggins) brings in a Byz Lats informant, Hielo (Giovanni Lopes), who is willing to give up Hernesto (Lombardo Boyar), who's running a contraband cigarette scheme. Meanwhile, the mob leader avoids the OCU's raid, and Vic decides to quietly use his gang contacts to track him down. Dutch (Jay Karnes) and Claudette (CCH Pounder) investigate the case of a foster child who's been sexually assaulted and forced to drink a toxic household cleanser. Monica takes a personal interest in the case, coming into conflict with the social worker responsible for the family. Ronnie shows Vic and Lem (Kenny Johnson) surveillance video of Antwon (Anthony Anderson) coercing Shane into agreeing to commit a murder in exchange for recovering Angie's body.


Michael Chiklis
as Det. Vic Mackey
Benito Martinez
as David Aceveda
CCH Pounder
as Det. Claudette Wyms
Walton Goggins
as Det. Shane Vendrell
Catherine Dent
as Off. Danny Sofer
Michael Jace
as Off. Julien Lowe
Kenny Johnson
as Det. Curtis Lemansky
Jay Karnes
as Det. Dutch Wagenbach
Glenn Close
as Capt. Monica Rawling
Cathy Cahlin Ryan
as Corrine Mackey
Tara Buck
as Susan Gary
David Rees Snell
as Ronnie Gardocki
Nigel Gibbs
as Assistant Chief Roy Phillips
Anthony Anderson
as Antwon Mitchell
Michael Peña
as Armando `Army' Renta
Lombardo Boyar
as Ernesto Dienta
Matt Spangler
as Darnell Garry
Giovanni Lopes
as Hielo Gutierrez
Mark Ivanir
as Alex Kozadav
Melody Garrett
as Lucy McConnell
Bob Rumnock
as Paul Sandersen
Sean Blakemore
as John Sullivan
Garrett M. Brown
as Frank Walker
Cyd Strittmatter
as Liz Walker
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