Back in the Hole


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Aceveda (Benito Martinez) goes over the edge while he's engaged with Sara (Abby Brammell). After another young black woman is found strangled, Monica (Glenn Close) takes Dutch (Jay Karnes) and Claudette (CCH Pounder) off the cop-killer case so that they can interrogate Kleavon Gardner (Ray Campbell) again. Unfortunately, their only witnesses are a husband and wife who seem more interested in attacking each other than in helping the police. While Vic (Michael Chiklis) and Monica interrogate Antwon (Anthony Anderson), Lem (Kenny Johnson), Shane (Walton Goggins), Ronnie (David Rees Snell), and Army (Michael Pena) are in Griffith Park, using the information they got from Pitarrio (Danny Martinez) to find Angie's body, so that Shane and Army will be in the clear, and Vic can really go after Antwon. They can't find the body, though, so Vic has to try to keep the interrogation under control. Lem goes back to Pitarrio to clarify the location of the body, taking his stash of heroin as collateral, but Monica pushes Antwon with leverage she has over his son, and Antwon, distraught, instructs his lawyer to phone in an anonymous tip about the body to the police. Vic is forced to try a new tactic. This was a special 90-minute episode.


Michael Chiklis
as Det. Vic Mackey
Benito Martinez
as David Aceveda
CCH Pounder
as Det. Claudette Wyms
Walton Goggins
as Det. Shane Vendrell
Camilia Sanes
as Aurora Aceveda
Catherine Dent
as Off. Danny Sofer
Kurt Caceres
as Juan Lozano
Michael Jace
as Off. Julien Lowe
Kenny Johnson
as Det. Curtis Lemansky
Jay Karnes
as Det. Dutch Wagenbach
Glenn Close
as Capt. Monica Rawling
Anthony Anderson
as Antwon Mitchell
Cathy Cahlin Ryan
as Corrine Mackey
David Rees Snell
as Ronnie Gardocki
Ray Campbell
as Kleavon Gardner
Michael Peña
as Armando `Army' Renta
Richard Augustine
as Morgan Ehrenhaft
Melissa Paull
as Trina Ehrenhaft
J.J. Boone
as Fatima Gardner
Onahoua Rodriguez
as Emolia Melendez
Lennie Loftin
as Thomas Rennel
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