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Jeffrey Meyers
Super Reviewer
½ August 10, 2018
I watched this and was enthralled by it - fantastic exciting TV and journalism. Edge of the seat stuff. HOWEVER - I then did some more research and found that the team producing this series was very selective in what they included. For example there was virtually no mention of the very significant financial issues the couple were in, or the fact that one of the french crew (Sophie Brunet, the film's editor) was having a relationship with Michael for many years during the making of the program. What about the fact that Kathleen had a large life insurance policy.... These and other issues either were totally ignored or at best mentioned in passing. This is unforgivable!
August 7, 2018
Really...Did we run out of original titles for shows
½ August 1, 2018
I finished this series last night.
I will be getting into spoilers, so if you haven?t seen it be careful.
I felt the first half of episodes was far more interesting than the second half. It just kind of dragged on through the back half. I suppose like the actual case(s).
I was totally enraptured watching the early episodes and going along for the true crime ride. The court case was interesting to watch.
*spoilers start NOW*

We don?t really know until a later ep that the doc was being filmed by a company hired by Peterson. It explains the presentation a bit, any why the whole show leans bias towards Peterson.
Still, even with that bias, I found myself very much disliking the prosecution, how they presented, and their experts. Everyone is an asshole. Deever was obviously a lying asshole before we found out later on that he actually WAS a lying Asshole. That the jury believed the BS he concocted confuses me.
The medical examiner lady just came off so arrogant and bitchy. Like she was offended that anyone would dare question her findings.
Then you have the crazy obnoxious southern lady lawyer who did the closing argument. Holy shit I could not stand her voice and the way she presented.
After everything was presented from both sides and the jury went to do their thing, the only reason I knew what was coming was because of the episode count. Even with that I was shocked they found him guilty. Terrible verdict. There was all sorts of reasonable doubt, and for them to ignore it shows that they were emotionally effected by the presentation, or prejudiced based on Petersons life choices, or the Germany case. The jury fucked up.
The latter half of eps goes through the following years of him in jail and trying to get appeals going. It?s kind of boring.
They should have squeezed this down to 10 eps.
Oh, and Kathleen?s sister is a psycho. So much rage. It?s sad.
In the end I got to learn what an Alford Plea is and why it?s a thing. I had no idea.
Too long but still worth the watch.
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