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Jeffrey Meyers
Super Reviewer
½ October 4, 2018
The Staircase is a perfectly fine documentary series about a murder case that suffered from the prosecution's determination to get Michael convicted, regardless of what the evidence actually showed. There's nothing here many of us haven't seen before, but it's well done and shines a light on a key weakness in our justice system, as many other modern documentary series have done.
September 4, 2018
I had just moved to North Carolina before Kathleen Peterson died, and began working within the Durham government a few months later. I was involved with at risk youth and gangs, so was familiar with Durham police and its justice system. What a "hot mess" (as they say in the South) of incompetent, shady, slackers! Peterson got railroaded and should have sued the justice system for his conviction and time served. This series was very well done, had incredible access to the people involved in the case, and showed the many fascinating characters involved. From the enigmatic Peterson, to his bitter sister-in-law, to the Cruella DeVille prosecutor Freda Black, and many others, you really saw the difficulty of each of their situations. Highly recommended.
August 18, 2018
About three episodes too long but had me hooked enough to watch all the way through....i am still not sure if he did it or not.
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