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Air date: Oct 10, 2002

Host Steve Thomas tours a new project: a 1922 Colonial Revival house in the Boston suburb of Winchester, Mass. Its leafy neighborhood is "right out of 'Leave It to Beaver'," says carpenter Norm Abram, and the house is in basically good shape. But, sighs Abrams, "the kitchen is terrible and the master bedroom is a disaster." On "Ask This Old House," projects include fixing a leaky washing machine, fitting a screen into a window and retrofitting an olive barrel to collect rainwater. Also: Abram makes a "house call" on a homeowner who's too tall for his basement stairwell.

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Air date: Apr 17, 2003

Architect David Stirling, who'll be working on the Manchester, Mass., renovation, shows off a Manchester house he designed. Stirling also discusses plans for the project house's master bedroom with homeowner Bruce Leasure. Outside, there's lead-based exterior paint to strip; and trees and shrubs to remove (temporarily) during construction. Then, on "Ask This Old House," projects include fixing a damaged garden hose. Also: tips for buying plumbing tools are offered; and in the "housecall" segment, landscaper Roger Cook visits a family with a dirty kitchen floor---the result of mud under the children's swing set. Steve Thomas hosts.

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Air date: Apr 24, 2003

Architect David Stirling and homeowner Kim Whittemore go over plans for kitchen renovations at the Winchester, Mass., house. Outside, workers dismantle the top of an unused kitchen chimney, while landscaping contractor Roger Cook and an entomologist look for ways to save hemlock trees from a blight that has been killing trees in the eastern U.S. And on "Ask this Old House," questions include how to deal with mosquitos. Also: contractor Tom Silva helps a homeowner "hide" an unattractive back stoop. Steve Thomas hosts.

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Air date: Oct 31, 2002

The second floor of the Winchester, Mass., house is jacked up (carefully) by carpenter Charlie Silva, while plumbing-heating expert Richard Trethewey drains the house's heating system and disconnects the radiators. And homeowner Kim Whittemore dismantles the inside part of the kitchen chimney. Outside, unwanted trees are removed. On "Ask This Old House," segments include a primer on maintaining paint brushes. Also: contractor Tom Silva helps a couple fill in gaps in their 160-year-old pine floor. Steve Thomas hosts.

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Air date: Nov 7, 2002

Excavation begins on a new kitchen foundation for the Winchester, Mass., house. Also: the master-bedroom layout is unveiled by architect Donald Stirling; and host Steve Thomas and homeowner Kim Whittemore tour a nearby greenhouse with landscaper Roger Cook. On "Ask This Old House": Thomas and contractor Tom Silva demonstrate floor sanders and caulking techniques. In the "house call" segment, plumbing expert Richard Trethewey replaces a corroded pipe in a Pittsburgh home.

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Air date: Nov 14, 2002

At the Winchester, Mass., house: a new doorway is cut into the basement foundation; exterior paint is stripped using nontoxic chemicals; architect Donald Striling and homeowner Kim Whittemore discuss the house's asymmetrical dormers; Whittemore and host Steve Thomas shop for windows for the addition. On "Ask This Old House," projects include a toilet that's constantly refilling, a window pane that needs replacing and a window sash that needs reglazing. Also: contractor Tom Silva makes a "housecall" to repair cracked plaster in a condominium ceiling; and landscaper Roger Cook helps a homeowner remove a tree stump with a stump grinder.

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Air date: Nov 21, 2002

Carpenter Norm Abram shows the new foundation for the kitchen addition to the Manchester, Mass., house, while contractor Tom Silva's crew begins demolition of rotted sections of the sun porch and plumbing-heating expert Richard Trethewey lays out the plan for the pumbing in the master bath. Also: homeowner Kim Whittemore and host Steve Thomas visit a recently renovated house in search of design ideas. On "Ask This Old House," landscaper Roger Cook looks at ways to sharpen and maintain saws, and Silva fixes a sagging floor during the "Housecall" segment.

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Air date: May 29, 2003

Chimney specialist Mark Shaub uses his "fluecam" to look for reasons why the chimney at the Winchester, Mass., house is smoking. Also: contractor Tom Silva shows how the kitchen addition is reinforced and works on the deck structure for the new sun porch; and host Steve Thomas examines the cantilever at Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater house in western Pennsylvania. On "Ask This Old House": projects include cutting wooden bungholes and installing them on decking. Also: Richard Trethewey on plumbing torches; painter Jim Clark on why new paint can crack and peel in bathrooms; Silva on outdoor lattices.

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Air date: Dec 5, 2002

Winchester, Mass., homeowner Kim Whittemore explores exterior-paint options, and plumbing-heating expert Richard Trethewey shows his radiant-heating plan for keeping the outdoor steps leading to the basement ice-free in winter. Meanwhile, homeowner Bruce Leasure and carpenter Norm Abram examine roofing choices; and host Steve Thomas visits photographer Arthur Griffin, a Winchester resident known for his pictures of baseball Hall-of-Famer Ted Williams. On "Ask This Old House": projects include painting a pre-hung six-panel door, installing a power outlet in a dining room and replacing the string on a weed trimmer. Also: contractor Tom Silva makes a "Housecall" to replace a rotting basement window frame and install a dryer vent.

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Air date: Dec 12, 2002

The Winchester, Mass., house gets some unexpected exposure: neighbors have removed hemlocks from their backyard. Inside, chimney specialist Mark Schaub breaks up an old flue using a centrifugal hammer. Meanwhile, carpenter Norm Abram tours a new Colonial Revival house built on the site of a 1950s ranch house. On "Ask This Old House": Plumbing-heating expert Richard Trethewey fixes a leaky faucet and tries to see why a washing machine is making a loud noise. Landscaper Roger Cook cleans a slippery brick walkway using a pressure washer. And Cook, Trethewey and contractor Tom Silva try to figure out what to do with unfamiliar objects. Steve Thomas hosts.

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