In Cold Blood


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Young, handsome, and one of the most powerful men in the world, King Henry VIII of England should be pleased, but in reality, his mind weighs heavily with concern over religious division in his country, the political struggle that wages between nations, and his failure to produce a male heir. His wife, Kathrine of Aragon, has suffered numerous miscarriages and stillbirths, and the King's only legitimate child is his daughter, Mary. Katherine is an excellent queen and devoted wife, but Henry's desire to seek the extremely difficult route of divorce looms in his mind.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers
as King Henry VIII
Sam Neill
as Cardinal Wolsey
Callum Blue
as Knivert
Henry Cavill
as Charles Brandon
Henry Czerny
as Duke of Norfolk
Natalie Dormer
as Anne Boleyn
Maria Doyle Kennedy
as Katherine of Aragon
Kristen Holdenreid
as William Compton
Jeremy Northam
as Sir Thomas More
Nick Dunning
as Thomas Boleyn
James Frain
as Thomas Cromwell
Gabrielle Anwar
as Princess Margaret
Perdita Weeks
as Mary Boleyn
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