The Death of Wolsey


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Poor, alone, and stripped of his former title, Wolsey looks to Katherine for support - a treasonous act, in the eyes of the law. Meanwhile, Henry and Anne Boelyn have an intimate encounter, but she exerts her power over him at the last minute.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers
as King Henry VIII
Sam Neill
as Cardinal Wolsey
Callum Blue
as Knivert
Henry Cavill
as Charles Brandon
Henry Czerny
as Duke of Norfolk
Natalie Dormer
as Anne Boleyn
Maria Doyle Kennedy
as Katherine of Aragon
Jeremy Northam
as Sir Thomas More
Nick Dunning
as Thomas Boleyn
James Frain
as Thomas Cromwell
Jamie Thomas King
as Thomas Wyatt
Joe Van Moyland
as Thomas Tallis
Guy Carleton
as Chamberlain
Rebekah Wainwright
as Catherine Brandon
Martin Murphy
as Simon Fish
Fiona Sinnott
as Norfolk's Wife
Padraic Delaney
as George Boleyn
Ned Dennehy
as Augustin
Pat McGrath
as Grotesque Wolsey
Bosco Hogan
as Bishop Fisher
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