Civil Unrest


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In the third-season opener, Henry VIII takes his third bride, noblewoman Jane Seymour (Annabelle Wallis), in hopes that he will finally have a male heir. Meanwhile, previously loyal subjects in the North take a stand against Henry's anti-Catholic crusade, which includes seizing millions of pounds in monastic wealth; and his new queen champions the cause of returning his estranged daughter, Princess Mary, to court.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers
as King Henry VIII
Henry Cavill
as Charles Brandon
Annabelle Wallis
as Jane Seymour
James Frain
as Thomas Cromwell
Max von Sydow
as Cardinal Von Waldburg
Gerard McSorley
as Robert Aske
Alan Van Sprang
as Sir Francis Bryan
Kevin Doyle
as John Constable
David Wilmot
as Sir Ralph Ellerker
Mark Hildreth
as Reginald Pole
Charlotte Salt
as Lady Ursula Misseldon
Rod Hallett
as Sir Richard Rich
Sarah Bolger
as Princess Mary
Max Brown
as Edward Seymour
Rebekah Wright
as Catherine
Gavin O'Connor
as Shrewsbury
Jason Healy
as Henry's Groom
Diarmuid Noyes
as Charlie Raw
Guy Carleton
as Chamberlain
Joanne King
as Lady Rochford
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